Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meeting & Party: Sat Feb 7 @ Bob's House

Pilots and friends are invited to join us for our first quarterly meeting and party of the year, on Saturday, February 7, at 6 pm at Bob's house in Kalama Valley. Like the last one, this party will be a local style pot luck - please bring a pupu, main dish, or side dish to share. We will have a BBQ going if anyone wants to bring stuff to grill.

We will be having a board meeting on Thursday at 1 pm to iron out the agenda and also help Bob move stuff around at his house before Saturday's meeting & party, so if anyone can spare some time Thursday afternoon we'd love to see you.

Some tentative agenda items for Saturday:

Please bring $20 for dues if you missed November's meeting
Report on status of Nanakuli permit and site protocol
Discuss Koko Crater neighborhood issues
iWindsurf looking for locations for Diamond Head and Makapuu sensors
Replace windsock at Makapuu
Future fly-in or trip ideas (Rat Race registration opens soon)


Gravity said...

Ha, do you guys always wait for me to leave to have a meeting...? hehehe

Have a good time.

Thom said...

Ola Reaper, no they just make sure Don is not on Island.
Thanks for the updates and dont drink the water.

Harris said...

That's the day I fly away home. :( Maybe I can push my flight back one day... hmm...

Alex said...

We will do our best to enjoy ourselves at the upcoming meeting without the benefit of our most dedicated party animals. We'll think very sympathetically about you guys having to suffer through so much good flying in those consistent winter flying locations while we huddle together for warmth at Bob's place as our zillionth rainy cold front passes through! :-)