Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Sunday

Football fans and paragliders alike had an awesome day to get into the "game". My day started out in the darkness - driving in toward Makapu'u in the pre-dawn light. I stopped to take a few shots of sunrise from the lookout by the blowhole before Sandy Beach. After Indiana Alan & Chopper Dave's chatterbox posts last evening, I was really juiced to get some early morning air time. For me the light at that time of day is nothing short of inspirational.

I met Chopper at Manics launch right around the prescribed 07:30 time, and the conditions were perfect, though a bit chilly for us thin blooded islanders. We didn't waste much time and soon were off into the boaty early morning lift and headed out over the lighthouse to pay the tourists and locals out there a little visit. Frank chimed in on the radio, now we got another player. The team is coming together. I'm not going to ramble on much, just thought someone should write something.

A short team roster - I apologize up front if I missed you - Chopper Dave, Frank, Alex, Nick, Jeff, Ray (Tandem with Scot's Dad), Scot, Scrappy (tandem with Ginny), Dave Nichols, Jaro, Mad Dog, Alan (Indiana), and myself.

Click to view ChopperDave's photos from Super Sunday.

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Alex said...

thanks for the quick reporting, Jim! Jon Goldberg flew with us too, and Jorge flew later on, I think. Plus there were lots of hang gliders out there. Some of us ventured into Waimanalo but Nick went the farthest, to the end of Green Walls and back.