Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pit Stop at the Para-Park

I finally got a camper shell on my truck to store gear and have it with me all the time, just in case. When I looked at the weather readings this morning it didn't look good so off to work I went. Gave Bob a call and told him I was stopping by the "HPA Club House" on my way home. When I turned toward his house, oh what did I see, two PG's in the air over MPU. Radio check revealed it was Fireman Dave, Jorge and of course Franky goes to MPU. They said it was great and light come on over.

Got to Bob's said hi & bye and asked Ray to go on stand by. Possible Cactus launch for me.

When I got to the look out Dave Nichols was getting ready to launch from Manics, Dave & Frank had just bombed out at the beach. While giving them a ride back to the Para-Park they both stated it is so perfect, just then Dave Nichols launched, they both said in unison "See, Dave launched" and he got up and up. They both said "You can do it" so I called Ray.

Well it felt really perfect. Fireman Dave said I'll go first, so he pulled an Alex and launched out of the parking lot up onto the rock wall and then flew away. Wow that looked easy and then Ray showed up and said "Looks Good". Just then Dave top landed like a puppet on a string, an on looker actually said "Shoot, can you do that again I didn't have my camera on" Dave was ever so happy to do it again.

While Dave was doing a take two, I took off from just above the look out, near the old Lazy Man's Launch. A perfect launch and soared toward the Light House. Worked the ridge with several passes and before I knew it I was flying over the Light House Look-Out talking to some hikers and getting my picture taken. I remember when that was me on railing looking up saying "Those guys are crazy, but that looks like fun". God isn't it great to fly!!!!!!!! We are so lucky.

Had a great flight got high and soared into the LZ, my 2nd landing at MPU but from the opposite end. It was perfect. Thanks Ray for being on the radio and bringing my truck to the LZ.

My friends from the mainland just happened to be there to watch me land. Then I had to make the call. "Honey it was just a quick Pit Stop, I will be home soon".

Thanks again to Ray, and the prodding of Fireman Dave, MPU Frank and even Dave Nichols from the air, oh by the way he even top landed, sweet.


Alex said...

Thom, thanks for writing up your flight story. I'm glad to hear that the para park was open for business today! I had a feeling it would be nice at Manics today when I looked at the numbers, but I am obsessed by Dillingham these days whenever it's blowing north out there. Congrats on the Lazy Corner launch.

Waianae Jim said...

Nice job on your flight and story Thom - congrats.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I was wondering if anyone flew yesterday at MPU. Yeah, it was you! Lazy corner works.

firedave said...

Nice job Thom, it is easy when the conditions are good. You even managed to avoid a side hill landing.
The conditions were similar to that day a couple of weeks ago, except that it was more north and a click or two lighter. Just enough to climb, but no more.
During the one lull, I managed to block Frank out of a top landing, and launch myself into dying air. We both took a trip to the beach.
The conditions remained consistent until after dark, when Ray had me doing repeated touch and goes, for his supposedly magic "see in the dark camera". Even I can kite like Alex when the conditions are easy, and it doesn't get much easier.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Side Hill

MauiDoug said...

Great story Thom! Looking forward to flying with you soon!