Monday, June 01, 2009

Mellow Makapuu Sunday

Over 30 pilots, friends and family members enjoyed a long mellow day of flying and partying at Makapuu on Sunday: beginning with an early morning light wind session, followed by increasing winds and lift during the afternoon session, and featuring some brave downrange exploration and welcome higher altitudes for a change.

We finished with a serious BBQ party on the LZ afterwards, organized by Rich and many friends. It was a rare day to have several pilots' families out there to share the sun and surf (Chopper Dave, Fireman Dave, and lucky me). We saw lots of students adding notches to their belts: Jason, Matt, and Nick, plus a tandem for new pilot KC and the good company of new pilot and beekeeper Mark, as well as students Jessica and LeeAnn. Joey made himself useful by working on his apprentice instruction. Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the potluck, and to Ginny and Mad Dog for the Torpedoes! What a great day!

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