Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Truly Surprised

Scot and Mad Dog joined me for a surprisingly normal day of flying at Kahana, as a refreshing hint of cool light tradewinds relieved the long strange spell of hot summer doldrums.

Scot and I launched together and soon climbed to a lofty 2,500 feet, to take a leisurely tour of the stratosphere, before he had to leave to fulfill some girlfriend duties. I toplanded to wait for Mad Dog, and benched back up again with him, then led the way downrange, climbing in easy ridge lift at the next couple of spurs, and finally landed at the beer store to grab some refreshments just in time to catch the bus back to the LZ for a sunset debriefing session. We could certainly have flown those downrange ridges a bit longer, and probably a lot farther, but Mad Dog had to get back to town to fulfill some girlfriend duties. A perfect day except for the absence of the usual suspects. Missed you guys!

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firedave said...

At least one of the usual suspects headed east and was seen flying Makapuu. Jim, Frank, Jared, Jorge and I flew in standard Makapuu conditions.

Caution: Avoid landing in the road in front of the Makapuu bathrooms, as the lifeguards are driving in. They don't appreciate it for obvious reasons.