Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moku Lift Off

Welcome to Moku, visiting Big Island Pilot. Moku is a thermal pilot who lives in the clubhouse on launch at Kealakekua. If you have ever seen this launch it would spark some jealousy, but if that doesn't do it for you, he is also sponsored by Kona Brewing Company.

I just returned from the Big Island after 3 awesome flights, had chauffeured rides back to launch, stored my wing at the clubhouse and had some great chats with the Big Island 'Porch Monkeys'. I hope we can all pitch in to show Moku some Oahu hospitality.

He will be staying on Oahu until Monday and would like to get his sponsored wing in the air. I hope our weather will be cooperative and that all of the Oahu Flying Monkeys will be on their best behavior. He did mention that a beer tent may get offered from his sponsor - now I know that may have got all the Monkeys attention.

We all look forward to flying with you Moku, but just to let you know, these Monkeys are as bad as you are - once they know a beer has been opened, they will all clamor to land.

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