Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tough Job

But someone's got to do it. Flying 9 to 5 on Friday with Jim at Kahana, in brisk but sweet conditions, featuring a nice trip downrange to make it interesting. We were joined for the afternoon session by Joey, Maui Doug, Jeff, visitor Jon, visitors Brian and Ashley, Jorge, Ray, and Bee Man Mark.


Thom said...

9-5 and this is the whole story you must be working too hard. Your making Don look like a hard worker.

Alex said...

Thom, some flying days inspire a long story, and some don't. It was a definitely a great day of flying for lots of folks. Maybe someone else can remember some details of the day that were memorable for them and add them here.

One detail I'm trying to forget is how I kited my wing after landing, over to the grassy spot next to the picnic tables, like I usually do, but this time the wing scraped the tree as it fell to the ground because I was a bit too close. Turns out there was a rusty nail in the tree that ripped the top surface in two spots. Luckily Jorge and Ray were there with tools and expertise to help me repair it on the spot. We had to anesthetize the patient first though, with a couple of bottles of strong alcohol. Or maybe that was for me. Anyway, it's good as new now - thanks guys!

Alex said...

Another detail just popped into my head - thanks to visitor Jon for picking me up at Ching's store, where we got lunch from the shrimp truck before heading back up the hill for more flying. I got the mussels, which I wasn't wild about, but Jon's mahi and shrimp combo was awesome. Thanks again Jon!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your wing got fixed ,Alex. Well ,I'm at 7 tandum flights now . none of them were longer then Friday's 15 minutes ,most were 10 minutes long. Maybe I better lose that 20 pounds ,I keep getting sleigh runs down to the 'LZ'on tandum .