Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Northern Light

I was very pleased to see Lieutenant Pete and his beautiful family again today, while they're in town for a brief break from their posting in Japan. Pete and I launched into brisk northerly conditions at Kahana, and proceeded to make a few sorties across the bay.

Neither of us made it on our first try. Pete tried a second time and found an excellent line way outside, but he didn't quite make it, and came back to tank up again. I tried that same approach and made it across, hoping Pete would be close behind on his third crossing, but he was out of time and had to go land. Thanks for showing me the way, man! I basked in the splendid but subdued light show above Kaaawa for over an hour, as the sun slowly sank behind Kahana. The lift was strong and smooth, and in some places it got stronger as I headed out to sea - a typical feature of these northerly days.

Jim came out and launched to join me, but after struggling for a while with a twig snagged tightly in his lines, he finally gave up and landed. Thom and Bonnie showed up too, but it was a bit strong for Bonnie and a bit late for Thom. Kalei drew an excellent target spot in the sand for me to land on, and somehow I actually plugged it dead center. I think it may have been my best spot landing ever - probably because I had such a small audience.

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