Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spicy Kahana Monday

I savored a spicy day at Kahana on Monday, flying with Ray and Jim for the early shift, then with Jorge, Jim and Maui Doug for the late shift. Alan G. came out to keep us company as well, as did Maui Doug's pal Jim, a soon-to-be student.

The wind was pretty darn strong for our first flight. Ray made the landing look a bit turbulent so I opted to head around the corner to land near Ching's Store.

The second flight was a bit tamer, and we were able to get high over the back - Jim and Jorge made it to 2,500, I think. I pulled out my new DSLR camera for the second flight, and I am glad I did. The lighting was incredible. Jorge was testing out his new footcam with the sweet 8 mm super wide angle lens. I saw some of the shots he took - they are truly magazine quality.


Waianae Jim said...

Alex - It was a fun day - even if stong for the earlier session. Who can complain about two nice flights in one day? So glad you're back to your usual posting. You're such a good writer and take great pictures too. Nice to see you using your Canon XSi.

MauiDoug said...

Your photos look great as usual Alex! Thanks again for the strong wind crab landing tips. I had a really soft landing at Punaluu, real close to your favorite store!

Thom said...

Where are the rest of the photo's and does Jorge post his photo's anywhere

Alex said...

What do you mean the rest? I pared mine down from over 80 to a dozen, and if you click the small one above you should see the slideshow of those 12 shots. Jorge does post his best shots at