Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a Difference a Year Can Make

It seems like only yesterday that we were all gathered around our Windlines Chatter Boxes, reading the play-by-play of our youngest HPA member's birth; except, of course for Hillery who was busy forcing an object the size of a grapefruit through an opening the size of an apricot. Nikki Johnson showed up early and ended up with box seats for the live performance.

Well . . . it's been a whole year; most of which the Arroyo Family has spent in the Far East: a magical country called Nippon or "Japan;" discovering strange things like "Chop Sticks" and something called "Sushi."

But as of a few jet-lagged hours ago, Hillery, Peter III, and I are back on American soil. This can only mean one thing: Baby Luau Fly-In! (and I wanna fly every stinking day till they force me back on that freak'n plane!)

Kahana, of course (or Makapu'u or Tantalus or whereever it is flyable!)

Sunday 30 Aug 09 -- All day!

We will bring a bunch of meat -- Steaks, Sausages, Dogs & Buns.

You bring: Stuff!
We'll need a grill, side dishes, more meat, beverages, more meat, veggie tray, more meat, deserts, more meat, coolers & ice, a table or two, beach chairs, and of course, more meat.

Bring wings and good weather, and let's celebrate one year of Peter J. Arroyo, III.


PS: If you plan to bring something, please add a comment and list your item(s). I would hate to have eight tables and no grill.


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to get my hands on that little bugger. What a cutie. I will bring my gas grille and tomato recipe w/tomatoes.


Berndt said...

Welcome back Suicide! Sorry I'm gonna miss flying with you - since you so extolled the virtues of jet lag, I'm getting on a plane for the mainland tonite to get some of my own. Even worse, I'm gonna miss the carniverous bacchanalia on Sunday. Hope your stay here sucks - that magic Kahana cloud suck!

Thom said...

Pete I got 2 tables and some chairs.
Have tents too if you think we will need them. Makapuu definately no shade for P3 unless every one kites.
Call me 864-3892.

Anonymous said...

Great to have the fam unit back in town, Pedro. Lets fly dude..

I can bring a tent, grill, coolers, etc... oh and my tandem glider?

Can't wait to see you, Hill, and the wee P-3


nightshift said...

Oh poo, Lori and I are leaving that day, just as the prodigal P3 returns! H & P, I'll meet you in Tokyo in 4 months.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there with carnivorous offerings, drinks and beach chairs.

Rick (Nalowings)