Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mike's B-Day Blowout

My old roommate Mike Ernst and friend for 20 years is having his 30th B-day blowout in Lanikai this weekend. He told me to invite the paragliding crew since he has met most of you and spent a bunch of time with RT and his crew. The fool...

I will be flying him tandem off of Lanikai weather permitting for part of the festivities. There will be kegs, food, volleyball, Live Rock Karaoke (song list at end of the email... see any songs you want to sing, step up!)

If you want to make it feel free to swing by or setup on the beach at the LZ and take over the whole neighborhood...

Mike's Birthday Party
Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 11:00am
(thru Sunday, September 27, 2009 at 4:00am)
1105 Mokulua Drive, Kailua (View Map)

Come help me celebrate my 30th birthday party!!

Lanikai Beach day starting around 11ish... SUPs, my boat, floaties, beer, vball, football, paddle ball... and if we get organized enough we can play kickball in the park.

BBQ 4ish (or when people get hungry... grill will be available all day)... 5:30 on lanikai beach HUGE group picture being taken so if you want in, be there.

Finally we have more beer, an ice luge, drinking games and... a live karaoke rock band... text Mike if you want to do a special song.. genre is 90's rock: weezer, green day, nofx, smashing pumpkins..etc...

Bring towel, beach toys, something for the grill (if you're grillin) or pupu, and some beer... may be a keg, but not sure yet...

Song List

Green Day

* Longview (mike, ryan)
* Burnout (mike)
* Geek Stink Breath (mike)
* Basketcase OPEN
* Welcome to Paradise OPEN


* Linoleum OPEN
* The Brews (john)
* Don’t Call John White (john)

Blink 182

* Carousel (mike)
* M+M’s (ryan)
* Dammit OPEN
* Dumpweed (mike)
* Whats Mike’s Age Again OPEN
* All the Small Things OPEN

Smashing Pumpkins

* 1979 OPEN
* Today OPEN


* Down (rap-mike singing-ryan)


* Say it Aint So OPEN


* Self Esteem OPEN


* Smells like Teen Spirit OPEN
* Breed (ryan)
* Lithium OPEN

Rage Against the Machine

* Bulls on Parade OPEN
* Killing in the Name of OPEN

Reel Big Fish

* Beer OPEN

No Doubt

* Just a Dana (dana/OPEN)


* Enter Sandman OPEN


* My Own Worst Enemy OPEN


* Here in your Bedroom OPEN

Presidents of the United States of America

* Lump OPEN
* Peaches OPEN

Foo Fighters

* Everlong (ryan)
* Learn to Fly OPEN

Stone Temple Pilots

* Interstate Love Song OPEN
* Plush (ryan)


* Cryin OPEN

Aaron Keoki Group


* Creep OPEN


* Santa Ria OPEN
* Badfish OPEN


* Ill be here a while OPEN


* Just like Heaven OPEN


* Message in a Bottle OPEN


* Ashes OPEN
* Give it up OPEN



* King Without a Crown

Hootie and the Blowfish

* I only wanna be with you

Mr Big

* To Be With You

Blind Melon

* No Rain

Marcy Playground

* I Smell Sex in Candy

Guns N’ Roses

* Sweet Child
* Paradise City


* Date Rape


Rich. said...

What day..., Saturday I hope!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Sounds fun! Yeah, Kickball!!


Gravity said...

Bring your wings and we'll fly into the party... Lanikai is awesome for those of you that haven't flown it yet!

Also bring a saw to help clear launch

Scrappy said...

Wow... that was a party...

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Mike, from RT