Thursday, October 29, 2009

Round Top Redux

Six pilots flew Tantalus again on Tuesday, for the second time in three days, this time in thermic midday conditions. Scot flew high and far upwind under a rare perfect cloud street all the way to Wilhelmina Rise, and came back for a toplanding. I made three short flights before leaving to pick up the kids from school.

I couldn't resist bringing the kids up to hang out for the late show, where Jorge, Dave, Scrappy and Frank were skying out in the strong evening lift. Jorge said he reached 3,100 feet, his record here, although he found it frustrating because it was hard to go anywhere. Thom and Larry also showed up at the lookout to keep us company. The kids had fun up there, and I enjoyed hanging out too, but I guess I was a bit jealous of the guys winging it around for the twilight session.

I got to shoot some video clips with my new phone (thanks, Reaper!) and I've spliced some of the clips together for your entertainment. I'm looking forward to more nice days like this as we get more light southerly conditions this winter.


firedave2 said...

Alex, Farmer Dave even made an appearance up the for a while.

I think we are still figuring out the place and there are plans for XC's from different pilots in all directions.

I do notice that since Doug's exodus, that interest in Nanakuli has been almost nil. I am sure that some good days went by in the past week or so. I hate to think that Skydiver Mike is the only guy flying the west side.


Alex said...

Yeah, it was great to see Farmer Dave. Also Kealakekua Gary and Joey were in town and talking to us on the radio.

About Nanakuli, I agree that we all have the tendency to say that someone ought to be flying out there, but few of us actually run out there ourselves. I'm as guilty as anyone. I haven't flown out there in ages! But I guess the season is just about to begin.