Sunday, November 01, 2009

Treats & Tricks

Just a short post to keep the Wind Lines site going while our most prolific contributor, pilot extraordinaire, and President for life Alex is off on a business trip. Halloween brought lots of treats for all the pilots who made the trip out to Kahana - Ginny, Jetflap Jeff, Seattle Ray, Joey, JD, Nick, Greg (Dangler), Maui Doug, Chris (Mad Dog), Tommy (now AKA Rag Doll, per Mad Dog), Hilo Ken, SD Mike, Rich, and McStalker Jeff.

Seattle Ray put on a nice show of tricks out over the bay throwing some nice SATs and other maneuvers. A lot of pilots enjoyed the great downrange conditions: Joey, Jetflap, Mad Dog, Maui Doug, and SD Mike made the first foray down to Pounders, and Jeannine was kind enough to go pick them up in Joey's Hummer. Nick, JD, and I made the next trip down to Pounders, and JD's wife Lee Ann was kind enough to retrieve us. Joey, SD Mike, and Mad Dog made another trip down to Hau'ula Beach park and Jeannine and I picked them up this time. Thanks for leaving some good flying weather for us Alex.


Alex said...

Wow! You guys are gonna be all bored with flying and XC trips by the time I get back. Sounds like a great first day without me there - keep it up. Thanks for the story and pics! Congrats to first timers JD and Maui Doug - it was Doug's first, right?

MauiDoug said...

Great write up Jim! What a great couple of days at Kahana. Thanks MadDog and Joey for your guidance on my first two downrangers. Thanks also to the Earl's and Alex for all of your downrange information input!
I thought I was hooked on this sport before, now I know I am definitely a Parajunkie! Looks like good #'s for KNA today as well. See you in the air :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing that up Jim, you have a gift. I can honestly say that XC was my best flight, and probably most nervous flight. Like MauiDoug said, I am definitely hooked as my eyes have been opened to so many more possibilities. That flight even has LeeAnn getting back in the game. We were out kiting yesterday afternoon, although it was a bit stronger than I'd have liked.

Alex said...

Like JD says, you have a gift. Keep up the great work, Jim!!! You rock! :-)