Friday, November 06, 2009

Somebody's Gotta Do It …

This is yet another feeble attempt to keep the HPA blog rolling along while Alex is gone. Hurry back, man - I need some help with this wordsmithing stuff. I finally got lucky today when I took an extra day off work in hopes of flying. The first round was a solo flight for about an hour and a half; I just couldn't convince anyone to come out that early. The wind was a tad strong, but nice and smooth.

I landed due to a possible incoming squall, just as Torrey Bob and his wife Donna were arriving from Kailua. Luckily I was wrong about the squall, and shortly after landing I hiked up for round two with Bob and Donna.

The second flight was much nicer. Conditions had mellowed out a bit, and we had a great time cruising around. Bob is an excellent tandem pilot and we got real close together a few times. (I hope he got some good video on his helmet cam, and that I can get my hands on it some day soon). SideHill Thom and Maui Doug showed up after a while, and after they got airborne we all enjoyed the flow.

A sailplane came by from up north and wing waved at us on his way by, but unfortunately no one had a camera at the ready. Luckily he came back by on his way back to the North Shore, and I got a couple pics of him. The lowest I've seen any sailplane flying Kahana to date.

After I landed I spotted the Jackson Hole acro boys hiking up to high launch. They all got off but didn't stay up too long; it was sure fun watching their tricks though. McStalker Jeff and Berndt made late appearances and both got in very short flights. It was a great time - thanks to all who came out to play.


Thom said...

I don't know Jim you might just be taking over the stories here. It was fun to get back up again, Oh when I landed this guy walked over to me and said "Hey that's a really nice wing you got there" I did not recognize him at first but it was Marc Emmons the pilot I got the wing from. "I said it has been good to me, thanks again"

Alex said...

Jim, you are doing a great job! Somebody's gotta get out there and fly at every possible opportunity, taking pictures, and posting them with a story. You are a natural. You don't need to wait for me to go out of town.

Sounds like I missed yet another great flying day. I've lost count already. I guess my hexing powers are spent and I should just hang up my chicken bones.

There was a chance I could borrow a wing and join the local guys in the air out here, at a site a few hours south of here, in what they promised would be perfect conditions. But it was in the 30s when I woke up, and my mom needs me to stay home and babysit the dog, so I had to pass. Tomorrow it is supposed to get up to 69 degrees. But my local pal isn't planning to go flying tomorrow. Mainland weather is weird.

Anonymous said...

Nice story, Jim. Bill and I went hiking back further north, saw you landing and are discussing about getting back into PGs. I hope our wings still know how to fly.
Btw the sailplane, I think, was the Dimona- a motorglider. Steve from Dillingham likes to shut down the engine and cruise down the Koolaus. I did that once with him and we flew in ridge lift all the way to Makapuu and back just along the ridge.
See you all at the meeting/party

Alex said...

Jim, did I tell you what a great story I thought this was? I sure miss flying with you guys!!! :-)