Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cloud Play

Turned out to be a really nice flying day out at Kahana Bay with plenty of friends to share the air. As seems the norm these days, I called a bunch of people early on my way across the island. McStalker Jeff, SideHill Thom, Maui Doug, Ginny, Don, Joey, Rich and Torrey Bob. I got off low launch just as Jeff was arriving at the trail and flew around in some cloudy conditions but no rain and nice smooth air.

As luck would have it a squall was making its way in as Jeff got up on launch. I debated top landing to wait it out but opted instead to try and fly around it. Turned out to be a good choice this time around since the squall brought very little rain or gust front.

After it passed Jeff got airborne and soon we were reminiscing about some other days we had "surfed" the clouds there. We heard some chatter on the radio from Frank at Makapu'u - some people were getting good airtime over there too. Ginny and SideHill had chosen to go that way for a variety of reasons.

Jeff and I kept flying around playing in the clouds and generally having some fun waiting for other folks to show up. Torrey Bob and Joey (with Cherie) showed up soonest, but by the time they had hiked up, Jeff and I saw an opening in the clouds and set off on a short downrange cruise toward Pounders. Also got word that JD and LeeAnn were coming out to join the bash.

We made the usual stops at Punalu'u, and Hau'ula ridges and just had a pleasant flight brushing up near cloudbase and soaking in the views of Sacred Falls just going off. Ginny was there to retrieve us when we landed - thanks, Ginny.

When we got back to Kahana, enjoyed some post flight beverages, talked with friends and watched the late shift flyers, including Larry, Maui Doug (for a second round), Mad Dog Chris and Brazilian Ray, as well as helping LeeAnn get in some kiting. No better way to end the weekend in my book.


JeffMc said...

Good write-up Jim, and great pics! THANKS! I had a great time flying with ya today. Just a nice, pleasant flight in so many respects. And yes - Mahalo to Ginny for the prompt retrieve at Pounders.

P.S. - The cloud picture at the head of the article is my new desktop wallpaper!


Waianae Jim said...

Forgot to mention Ginny did get in a flight after bringing us back. SideHill Thom & Don also flew the later shift.

Thom said...

Thanks Jim for the honorable mention, should have just followed your lead to get an xc trip in. It was a shorter drive to Makapuu for a no flight but I paid my dues on launch helping T-Bob then getting rewarded with a 2 hour flight in the playground before landing. It was a Great day but The King was truely missed.

Alex said...

Thanks for the great writeup Jim! As always, you tell a fine tale of the day's events and I wish I was there with you guys!!!!! :-)

Alex said...

I was just reading this story again, and I was thinking how lucky I am to have guys like Jim around who are willing to take the effort to regale us unfortunate non-flying souls with a little storytelling. Keep it up, Jim!

JaysonB said...

Always nice to read your reports One-Eye!

I've been doing them myself for years ( and feel humbled by Alex's natural wordsmithery (it makes me want to do point-form!).

See you next month.

With Aloha,