Monday, November 09, 2009

Meeting, Party and Election on Sat., Nov. 21

To all local paraglider pilots, visiting pilots, speed flyers, bi-curious hang glider pilots, friends, spouses, offspring, and anyone else remotely interested: please join us on Saturday, November 21, at 6 pm, for what promises to be a lively discussion of current issues facing our club, as well as a great party with lots of food, frosty drinks and friends, and finally, our annual election of club directors.

This is also the annual membership meeting where we sign waivers and pay dues, so in addition to supplying the usual fantastic assortment of food and drinks, local pilots should be prepared to part with $20. We'll be meeting at Bob's place one more time, since it's not quite totally sold yet, and Bob's sister is happy to think of us meeting there.

We will post an agenda and any other updates here, so stay tuned. See you all there, I hope!


Unknown said...

Also those of you who have not yet got your shirts they will be present at the meeting. We do have extra large, x-large and some mediums.

JD & Maui Doug have your xchange shirts too.

Pre-order shirts were 15.00 each.

I am sure there will be contests for a prize shirt as well.

Tweety said...

Alex - how could you tease us with friends and frosty drinks when you know we can't come? And - its at Bob's house too - another reason we wish we could be there... (it is remembrance day today after all...)
We really miss you all and wish we could come over just for the meeting (well, perhaps for some of those frosties and some paragliding and kiteboarding too...) Wayne does his final check out flight tomorrow to Hong Kong on the 777 - wish him luck - not that he needs it - great pilot that he is (I am a bit biased...)
Sending lots of love and wish we could be back there in the sunshine
Lori and Wayne

Alex said...

We miss you guys terribly. I still can't believe you're really living in Canada now. Speaking of Remembrance Day (I had to look that up to see it's the same as our Memorial Day), you better remember to come back here after Wayne is done driving airplanes! I'm enjoying your parting gifts, by the way, thanks so much for the wee drams!