Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunset Shift

Contrary to my pathetic predictions, I scored some sweet sunset flying yesterday at Kahana with the late shift: Maui Doug, Berndt and Jared. I had been sure I wouldn't have time for it, but to my happy surprise I found myself free at the end of the day, just around the corner in Punaluu.

I arrived at Kahana around 4:30 to find Maui Doug in the air, while Jared was perched on the rhino horn looking for a place to launch his speed wing. Reaper and Mad Dog were working on a roof in Punaluu, and Bonnie was at the beach with Kui. Sandy had just landed, and her husband John had flown earlier, as had Seattle Dave, and Scot and visitor Carson had flown to Pounders. I knew I had probably missed the most epic day ever, but I ran up the hill with Berndt to sneak in a quick late flight. Also I was worried that it might be the last good chance for a while, since the forecast is calling for the trades to pick up.

Jared's flight was a speedy one straight to the beach. Of course the wind was too light for soaring in that kind of wing but I was surprised to see how far it could glide.

The rest of us soared up to two grand over the north ridge and soaked up the last rays of the setting sun. It was gorgeous and chilly. Berndt and I tried to cross the bay a few times, but without success. On my last try I got a huge whack on full speed bar as I got near the Crouching Lion, WOW! did that wake me up. Not sure if it was a frontal or asymmetric but because of the speed it was more exciting than usual. After that I headed back to the ridge, touched down briefly on the north ridge, and finally headed in to soar the trees for a while with Berndt before we both landed.

My favorite time of day at my favorite site. Thanks to Reaper for the cold refreshments!

I shot my first aerial video clips with my new phone, and after I got home I used a new app on the phone to edit the clips and add titles and transitions. Then I used Quicktime Pro on my PC to add music. Pretty quick and easy way to whip together a video of the day's flying. I just gotta figure out a way to keep my hand steady.


MauiDoug said...

Excellent video Alex! The shake actually works to give it the real feeling. I love your song selection. Today's north KNA #'s look good for a Kualoa and back kinda day for another King Video Production :-)

Anonymous said...

That's some pretty steady handwork if you ask me - especially when you're sharing the air with Bernt near the LZ - you kept him framed. Not sure I could do that. Nice job. AWOL