Friday, January 29, 2010

Meeting & Party: Sat Feb 13 @ HTMC in Waimanalo

Please join us for our first quarterly meeting and party of the year on Saturday, February 13th, at 6 pm. We are returning to one of our old familiar haunts, the HTMC clubhouse in Waimanalo. We encourage everyone to bring refreshments or pupus or something for the barbecue, as well as $3 each for the clubhouse usage fee.

Cross your fingers for a good flying day at Makapuu beforehand. It was really fun to land on the beach in front of the clubhouse that one time it worked out for us.

Thanks to Rich for the clubhouse connection - and for remembering to reserve it a month in advance every time!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich,

hey are we sure we want this date. Don will be back in town that means he will be at the meeting. Maybe we should re-schedule, hehehehehe. It will be good to have a visiting pilot at the meeting.

Someone may have to show him how to ridge fly though, he is strictly a thermal pilot now.


StuScolnik said...

When does your party end? We're visiting pilots arriving from Seattle Saturday night for a week of flying your beautiful island!
Thanks, Stu and Bets

Alex said...

Hi Stu, we have to be out of the clubhouse by 10 pm, but it's always possible the party might continue elsewhere since that's kind of early for us to shut down.