Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bob Johnson 2010 HIFLY Schedule

Yes, finally, the weekend has come!!! Oahu Flying Monkeys will be hosting the first "Bob Johnson Annual HIFLY" memorial celebration and flying festival from May 14 to 16 at Kahana.

We are camping at Kahana from Friday, May 14 to Sunday, May 16, so we will have a base station. We have plenty of campsite room and several parking passes. This will be an all family weekend - we will have kayaks, surf boards, boogie boards, a floating island and many other activities for tired pilots and non-fliers, so everyone is encouraged to come and join the fun during the weekend.

This is a Hawaii Open Paragliding Event. In celebration of Bob's 50th B-Day, we are hereby inviting all fliers and friends to join us in what we hope will become an annual event. Here is the schedule, weather permitting:

Friday May 14, set up camps starting at 12 noon, and sneak some flying in.

Friday Night, meeting to finalize flying events for Saturday & Sunday.

Saturday May 15, 10:00 am - 11:00 am, Quarterly HPA Meeting. All members are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting for updates, discussion, and registration of new "Monkeys". Current member information can be updated as well; email, phone numbers, etc.

Saturday 12 NOON, get in the air to prepare for the flower drop.

- Try to bring a bag of flower blossoms that can be dispersed from the air. Once we have as many pilots as possible in the air, the signal will be announced for the drop.

- Bob's Mom, Polly, and his sister, Ginger, are planning to be on the beach at this time.

- All tandem pilots are requested to be available to bring family & friends up. Bob will compensate you later in life.

- After the flower drop there will be tasks with points for various antics: longest in the air, longest XC, most flights, closest to target at Kahana LZ, etc.

Saturday Evening, after pilots muster, a toast to Bob, followed by potluck dinner and party.

Sunday May 16, fly til it hurts and procure more points. Have fun. Break down camp.

Stuff to Know:

- There will be a generator present to blow up air mattresses etc.

- Bring drink and food for while you're present. Saturday Night is Potluck.

- Again, Tandem pilots, please bring your gear.

So post your comments below, and "Get Your Gear & Go!"


Anonymous said...

Any commemorative "T" shirts to be had??

Kaawa Larry

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the photos. Next year, I'll be there. Sending love and a breath of sweet Seattle air to you all. Sue Nevler

Eric Sr. said...

Have a great weekend flying! Glad to see a memorial fly in for Bob, what a fantastic individual. Always the kindest human ever.

sandy said...

May you all enjoy the flights and fellowship of this weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a great event! Bobs sister did not stay on the beach But was hosted in the air by fireman Dave. As ever Ray had everything in hand. Bob was proud. It was a healing day and the Johnsons thank you all. Ginger

Sharky said...
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Sharky said...

Aloha Folks!

Was great to see everyone! I just dropped some pix from this weekend into my Flickr sets.

Alex, thanks again for the tandem!

Look forward to seeing you all in the air solo next time! :)