Monday, May 17, 2010

Notice: off-limits FAA site at Makapuu hang launch

The hang gliding club has received complaints about people who have been crawling through a hole in the fence surrounding the FAA property just to the Waimanalo side of their launch, and launching from that property. On-site alarms are being triggered, but there have been no enforcement actions so far. The assumption is that the people in question are flying speedwings (as opposed to hang gliders or paragliders). Please spread the word with any speed flying contacts you may have that the FAA property is off limits and enforcement actions will be implemented for further violations. Thanks for your help and understanding!


Anonymous said...

I spoke to the speedflyers PapaDop and Jaycee today. Jaycee said that the hang launch area is no good for them and that he doesn't know of anyone even trying to fly up there. Maybe it is just vandalism?

firedave said...

The above message is me, I guess Lani was logged in on my Blogger.

Fireman Dave