Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fun Flyin'

Not a big write-up this time...just a quick note. Had a real nice flight yesterday at Makapu'u. I got there a little late, but thanks to Alex, Dave, Don, and Bonnie, I had some guidance to Tomato Juice and on launch. Had a good time just flying around for a while, then I went into Maui Doug mode and began to pull at every available scrap of fiber within arms reach.

Thanks, Reaper, for the mini-SIV clinic. The Sport 4 is AMAZING! I can say that playing around like this has really strengthened my confidence in the wing. It really does just want to fly. After a few rounds of asymmetric collapses, horseshoe attempts (wing does not horseshoe), and b-lines, I did my first spiral dive and a few more to feel it out. Bonnie, however, really kicked it in and did a long sloping spiral dive (starts about 3 min into the video, locks in at about 3:20)! Nice one, Bonnie (you scared me a little on that one)!

Thanks for letting the interlopers from Kahana come to the parapark!



Anonymous said...

It was good to see you at MPU, where did you go you must have had an XC.

Heard about your Pounders flight, I have not been there yet but I guess you made it and so did my wing with Slacker at the helm.

See you this Weekend I hope it is epic.


Anonymous said...

Holly Duck Crap,
That was an awesome video, the music everything,

Ok your in charge of the Flying Monkey Video History section.

MauiDoug said...

Awesome photos Andrew! Awesome video Duck! Great editing and music! Loved it!

Gravity said...

Its always better to practice these simple manuevers before they practice on you.

We're gonna get you in shape for your upcoming SIV course by covering the basics...

Isn't the Sport 4 easy... I was amazed too.

Good job Duck.