Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks, Mom

Finally a little airtime, and we owe it to our Moms. Just a quick log of Mother's Day flying, nothing outrageous, nothing unusual and no real story. But a batch of pilots did get some airtime.

-Joey back in the air after a long grounding and his wing is just a little bit lighter but that is another story.

-One Eye had to get the highest.

-UFO, Big Island Don flew a long stored wing.

-Berndt got sucked off the hill & Sidehill followed.

-Reaper & Jorge took up some Duck family members for a ride to cap off their visit.

-Flash did not stay up till dark, but I am sure he thought about it.

-HillBilly had a great flight until he landed and got a forced reserve deployment due to Big Foot Ale.

-Jack flew, now we already have an Alaska Jack and the way Jack flew today I am sure a call sign will be brewing. "Too Far Back Jack".

-Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck just had to entertain us and his family with a "Duck Landing", yes his tail feathers got just a little bit wet, but the wings stayed dry.

-Nikki was in his pod getting ready to sneak into Rat Race to make goal again and again.

-Maui Doug is starting to prepare for his Acro career by yanking down on every part of his glider and preforming some big wing overs, I believe he said a full stall would be next. I hope we get another Big XC before you enter the Acro World

-JD had the last launch and landed at the water's edge.

Yolie, Ginny, Cherie, LeeAnne, Ginger, Bonnie, Donna, Maile, Kalei and Amelia were on LZ crew.

Well I think that is it, we were flying Kahana, was anyone missing hmmmmmmmmm.


Alex Did Not Fly !!!!!!

As my Kalei would say "You don't hear that everyday" or any Day for that matter.


MauiDoug said...

Nice recap of another great day Thom! It was great to see your wing doing an XC to pounders on Tuesday! Don had an ear to ear grin that I'm sure is still going on today! See you in the air real soon :-)

Alex said...

Thom, thanks for the writeup! I didn't get to fly but it was fun hanging out with Amelia and the ground crew. I got some pics, and I took videos of Duck's family's landings in the tandems - I'll post them up soon.