Sunday, September 26, 2010

First ever XC flight for Portland Tim

Yesterday was another super light and fun day at Kahana. Lots of pilots came out, and we flew several cross country sessions. Mad Dog and I took Portland Tim on his first ever cross country flight, in some really nice thermic conditions, and we were lucky to share with him some rare views from a high cloudbase above Sacred Falls.

I got into a scary but effective thermal above Punaluu that rocketed me up to cloudbase from just above ridge height, and my ears were popping after a few seconds. I didn't turn for the first half, just held on as I was very forcibly pulled up and a bit backwards. Finally I figured I'd better turn if I didn't want to get spit out by this monster, and I turned and turned on a very quick corkscrew up to the clouds.

Once there I headed away as fast as I could, feeling lucky to escape that one with my life. But I guess Mad Dog was envious of that perilous ascent - I looked down to see him racing over to see if he could get a piece of that action, and indeed I think he managed to harness at least some portion of it.

After a while over Sacred Falls we slowly made our way downrange, enjoying some more nice thermals along the way, finally landing at Pounders. Mad Dog landed at the beach in front of PCC at the church camp.

Thanks to Duck and visitor Joao for the retrieve!

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Unknown said...

It was a perect day on Saturday. I was lucky to have Mad Dog and Alex keeping me safe as I went XC. Both guys have very calm, confidence-inspiring voices, combined with good humor and unbridalded joy. Duck was keeping us all coordinated from the beach after he went XC earlier in the day and his great energy always shines through. With all that support, I knew the flight would be fine.

I couldn't have imagined just how beautiful it could be floating over Sacred Falls, sliding into one thermal after another (although none were like the shotgun that Alex hooked into). I still can't adequately describe it to my wife or friends.

Both Alex and Mad Dog are thermaling machines. I enjoyed the view of the undersides of their wings most of the day :-)

Thanks to Duck for picking us up. You have a beautiful spirit Duck. And your wife Ginger is equally good hearted. She drove back with three sweaty guys and did it all with a smile. You two make a wonderful couple and the love shows.

That post flight party on the beach will always bring a smile to my face. Edna has some great pictures, including the group photo. I will post those photo's when I get back to Portland (leaving tomorrow AM).

You folks are just such a beautiful bunch of inspired individuals. I can't thank you enough for the aloha spirit you extended to me. And you were wonderful to my wife Edna too, which made it a magical experience for her. You even were nice to my dear mother-in-law. Class acts, every one of you!

I had family obligations today - bummer because it sounds like another super day. How am I going to be able to return to normal life after this? It will be a let down for sure.

You're always welcome to come visit and stay if ever in Portland.