Friday, September 24, 2010

Light and Crispy

A ridiculously light day at Kahana surprised a bunch of us with the gift of a really fun XC flight to Pounders in nice crispy thermic conditions. It started out a bit too light, as Scot and I demonstrated our emergency toplandings, and I heard some of the guys on launch muttering about slinking off to Makapuu.

But then visitor Portland Tim, who didn't realize he should have hiked east launch instead of north, and didn't know that it was too light to get up, well, he got up from there. And so we looked within our hearts and believed that we could get up too. And we did! Although not without a whole lot of struggling and sweating. But finally it turned on, to the point where four of us couldn't resist a jaunt across a few pretty valleys and ridges, and we found some sweet thermals all along the way. Thanks to Ginger for the emergency retrieve to get me back to Kahana in time to pick up Logan from school and take him to his bass lesson. We just made it in time! Thanks to Mad Dog, Don, Duck, Scot, and Tim for the great company. Sorry I had to bail before the party started!


Unknown said...

Portland Tim:
Alex, I really appreciate you launching after I did. I think you launched so you could help me scratch up. That was hard work, with some close flying near the cliff. I know you folks here don't generally fly Ozone gliders, but I have a lot of confidence in the Buzz.

What a day up there! Without my radio, I didn't want to head XC, but it sure was tempting as one by one, you, Scott, Duck and others, peeled off. Still, flying at Kahana is as close to heaven as I'm likely to get (just ask my wife Edna) - so four hours there still seemed like too little time. As soon as I landed, I wanted to go back. But, with so many great club members hanging on the beach talking story, I lost that urge right away. Hanging with you folks is even better than flying - crazy but true.

A few shout-outs:
1) This club has the best paragliding website I've ever seen - and I've looked at a lot. Great job on developing a site that gives timely info and great inspiration. I know it takes a lot of effort and time.
2) Alex - you are an amazing person. As a visitor, you treated me with warmth, great support and understanding. You sacrificed time to meet up and provide a great site orientation. My undying gratitude goes out to you. And you are a wonderful writer (and photograper). I love your posts - it's like being there with you.
3) This club has a fantastic group of characters (in a good way). Not that paraglider pilots aren't generally cool, but you folks are something special, where the group is greater than the sum of the individuals. You gave a lot of great advice and embraced my lovely wife Edna. She has fallen in love with you all (as obviously I have).

Anyone who is coming to Portland is welcome to stay at our house (just outside Portland in the suburb of Beaverton). Honestly, we have room and some nice flying sites (OK, nothing compares to Kahana). Tim and Edna Hallrud
503-746-4800 (home), 949-228-1576 (Tim's Cell)

Alex said...

Tim, now I feel terrible thinking that because I left your radio locked in my car, you didn't head downrange with us! I'm really sorry about that! Next time you're coming along whether you have a radio or not! I'll fly right next to you and shout over any directions you need.

Thom said...

Some guys did make it down to Makapuu, but the tables had turned. Kahana usually gets the squall dodging but Friday Makapuu got more than it's share. 5 of us finally did get up Maui Doug, Joey, McStalker, Sidehill and Harvey it was low in the bowl and could have gone longer but we all had curfews. Flash showed up to get a solo evening finally.

Thom said...


You forgot the only thing we needed you to leave behind. Having your wife teach ours how to fold a wing.