Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Chase

Today's conditions seemed too strong and too east to fly most sites. Harvey and Maui Doug checked out the Juice launch, but it was too east there. Koko Crater was too east and too strong. For some reason I really wanted to make something work today, and I was sure the lighthouse ridge would be the best option.

I convinced Allan to follow me up there on a fun hike up the front. We hiked all around the lighthouse ridge, scoping out all the launch spots. But the wind just seemed a bit strong and a bit cross, and the clouds were ominously low and dark. Finally I just wasn't quite tempted enough to lay out my shiny new wing and dental floss on those rocky launches. We ended up hiking down, in time to meet Frank, Thom, Maui Doug, Laurel and Ginny, and we all rushed up to Juice for a sunset flight.

It was still super east, so after reaching the thick cloudbase of volcanic haze at 1,400 feet above three poles, I followed Frank towards the lighthouse, punching through the headwind and rotory sink to get around it and soar the ridge I'd hiked all day. The lift was working great there - we definitely should have launched when we were up there earlier!

Thanks to Laurel for the tasty refreshments!


Thom said...

Was glad to sneak one in. good thing the South winds did not kick in while you were out to sea.

Anonymous said...

Alex... Yeah, laying a nice new shiny glider out on those rocks would be tough. I remember flying that side with you Monkey's on a fantastic day back when I was flying that yellow Addict. Super fun little ridge on that side.

Jon Malmberg