Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Is FUN!

Well, it's been just about a year since I have had a flight at Nanakuli and I truly miss it. It may not be the site that will set you on a 100 mile quest, but the little site on a little island has so much to offer it has always made me wonder why more don't commit to the hike.

Today's summary is as follows:
  1. Hike to low launch
  2. Climb out
  3. Watch Rob launch his wife
  4. Do full circle tour while Scrappy hikes and Rob gets launched
  5. Fly to coast
  6. Thermal with Rob over the peak
  7. Head to the back of the valley
  8. Thermal to cloud base on the way to the back
  9. Thermal over the back of the valley again above base
  10. Fly to Waikele
So, a classic Nanakuli day... Low launch, easy lift to 2800' over the peak, 4000' in the back of the valley, and Waikele on glide in light thermals. Just another boring day flying in DECEMBER!!!


JeffMc said...

Nice one Doug - just another milk run for you! I actually saw you from Kapolei as I was heading to Ko'olina. Awesome!

P.S. - I re-formatted your article a bit and included your chatter box post where you mentioned your altitudes. Hope ya don't mind.

allanc said...

Doug - Aloha, this is Allan Carmichael. I used to work at Pearl Harbor (2004-2007) in the STE program and on your project for some time. Want to pick your brain regarding your forecasting and understanding of the micro-meteorology of Nanikuli. I have had one great flight out there and have spent several other days watching it develop through it's whole cycle.

Been reading up on everything I can find on micro-meterology as related to thermal flying but would like to learn what you know about the site.

Working on really understanding what conditions I am getting myself into and making good choices about going far. Only been flying for 4-months but have 70-flights and 130-hrs in the air and a safe 1-2 wing. Looking to keep improving my ability to analyze the conditions and to be self sufficient.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thom said...

Doug we need to have party while your here, we have over 50 pilots on the books now and maybe as many as 30 active. We got a really good bunch. How long you here for?

We expected to see you in MPU today of course coming in from NAN.