Friday, December 03, 2010

Flying Dirty

Remember those weeks that we fly just about every day and every weekend? Ok, it has been a while, but try and remember looking up at your wing during flight. Ever have one of those annoying pieces of grass, or that rock that just seems to move from one side to the other?

You snarl at it and say, "I am going to get that out when I land." NEVER happens, the cooler gets opened, and after you toss back a few chillies, that little annoyance has been erased from the sacrificial brain cells. You then pack up, and some wings just get stuffed into the back of the truck or trunk.

Next day arrives with another flyable day; you rush through work, make it to launch and you're enjoying another flight. You look up to feel the sun shining, and look at the vibrant colors of your truly best friend, "Damn it, there's that piece of grass again. I am definitely going to get that when I land". Second strike, cooler wins again.

Well, pilots, it's windy, not flyable, so what are we all doing? Reading about flying, and constantly scrutinizing the weather forum for that glimmer of a chance to fly. This is the time to close the cooler, just for a few minutes, stretch out your favorite toy and give it a good shake and a nice fold.

My wing had been stuffed in the back of my truck for a few days now. I moved all my wife's furniture to one side, laid it out, and finally I got that piece of grass. I also got several other twigs, one decent sized rock, and a bunch of grit from the seams.

This stuff can act like sandpaper, and over time it may cause wear and tear to your wing (unless it is made of Gelvenor, got you last Dave). So, while you're putting off doing honey-dos, work on your wing, the boss can't scold you for trying to be safe or prolonging the need for a new wing … ah, but Christmas is coming. Oops, many of us have already used that card up this year.

Just a friendly reminder: It's Not Time to Fly, so Get Your Gear Cleaned and Packed.


Gravity said...

Its a good time to repack the OLD reserves too!

If we have enough people, I can rent the YWCA gym for a couple of hours and do repacks. $50 each with a good shake out and stretch.


Anonymous said...

I think the lesson is deal with your gear before drinking, for longevity. Having said that, my wings usually have an array of pebbles, grass and sand in them, still fly fine, clean it when you sell it.

Also, be sure not to scratch Donna's furniture with your Gelvanor!


Waianae Jim said...

You should've put a quarter or something next to all that junk to give us a perspective of just how much there was in there.

Anonymous said...

I've probably got an equal amount inside all the nooks and crannies of my harness as well. Thanks for the push, Thom.


JeffMc said...


Puka Wai said...

There probably is a quarter in that picture. Maybe a spare tire would show perspective better?

Alex said...

I'm wondering just what I'm seeing in that picture. It looks suspiciously like grass, but not the kind on your lawn. Did you pick that up on the Big Island? Are you saying that stuff was in your new wing or your old one? I can't believe the new one already had that much schmutz in it.

Thom said...

It was in the Sport and no it is not coffee.

I actually went through each cell seam.

I actually thought of a quarter after I posted the picture.

The grass blade was actually big enough to see will flying but I did try to get it one time and could not find it when at LZ. Living room floor was best for cleaning.

I Hope your right about the lighting winds. I need an Inoculation. BAD