Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AZ Ginny

(Now, that name is just not good. She never got a funky call sign here because she was our only Ginny. I really thought "Peggy" might stick but it never caught on.) Many of you may have already heard that Ginny has made an agonizing decision to uproot and settle in Arizona. It is a decision that none of us are real happy about, but one that we know is the right move for her at this time.

The recent birth of yet another grandchild has spurred her to relocate closer to her family so that she may plague her children, a grandparent's goal in life, by truly spoiling this new arrival and continue the over affection with the others.

I admit to being selfish and wishing she had not got the new job in Arizona to aid in her move, and for that I am sorry, but my regrets, as I am sure all will agree, are solemn.

Okay, now the heck with this mushy stuff! We are planning to send her off with our usual Monkey Barrel Party. Donna has agreed to host yet another event at our house, mostly only because it's for Ginny.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 6ish-??
Thom and Donna's House
961 Kahili St, Kailua
The usual pot luck style

If we can pull this off without incidents similar to the year end meeting, we may get the green light again for future events.

PS: @SWISS AIR, Aron, our recent Swiss addition, who has almost out-top-landed Alex at Kahana, is also departing this month to continue his education nearer to home. Aron, I know you have family in town as well, but please come and bring them by, so they know who you have been hanging with. They will probably applaud your decision even more!


Anonymous said...

Donna's House? Is it in Kailua also? Address, Map?

Duck said...

I wish you didn't hafta go, but I respect your choices. You will be GREATLY missed!

Who am I gonna camp with at KNA? Oh, well...guess I'll hafta camp in Arizona--I hear they know a little about thermal flying there...

Miss you already!

ginny said...

Thank you Duck! I am planning on purchasing a house within the next year. 3 bedrooms. One exclusively for flying monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Luv ya Ginny!! All the way from Sacto, CA... James and I will miss seeing you at KNA but if you ever want to come to Sacto, our futon is quite comfy. :) Lorie & James Smyth teichert@cal-law.com

Brazilian Ray said...

We will miss you so much! Can't u just bring ur family?
Ray, Noell, Liliana, Blanca, Duke and Kea