Tuesday, January 11, 2011

West Side Lab Work

Nanakuli dished out some difficult postfrontal conditions this past Sunday. The sky looked stunning, with high sparse clouds and the whole Waianae range clear and ripe for the picking. The morning had been cold and we were hopeful for a nice lapse rate. But the thermals turned out to be quite fickle, and many good pilots got flushed in down cycles. A lucky few of us were able to get up and work the lift for a while before eventually joining the party at the beach.

At least ten pilots flew, many for the first time. Bill was one of the first timers, and he had the best and highest flight of all, roping those thermals like a pro and riding them way above Haleakala. I did my best work the lift, and scored a few really nice rides in my new pod harness, making it just above ridge height for a while, and searching for a way to get higher. But soon I felt like I was sinking out in a flush cycle, so rather than scratch for a low save, I headed to the beach before I got too low. Other first timers were Gavin, Travis, and Forest. Veteran Nanakuli flyers included Reaper, me, Scrappy, Thom, Jared and Nick. Jeff took care of cheerleading from the dump side bombout road, as well as retrieves.

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Thom said...

Forest headed for the beach when he got low and got sucked up onthe last knob.
Bill must have been watching he flew by us at mid launch low toward the ocean and came back super high. Jared next on the high list with Scrappy. The rest of us got flushed to dump side road.
I think Nan is a little upset that we don't use her often enough.