Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Birthday Party on Sunday

Update: Sorry but we can't host this shindig after all -- Dorothy's mom was just taken to Moanalua hospital last night because she can't breathe on her own. Things are going to be a little crazy at our house for a while. If anyone else wants to host the party let me know and we can move it, otherwise we'll postpone til the next excuse for a party …

Please join us at [location TBD] on Sunday the 13th for a celebration in honor of our members who have February birthdays. Thom's birthday is Sunday, mine is on Monday, Mad Dog's was last Wednesday, Dorothy's was last Saturday, and I'm sure there are others! This will be a pot luck and we'll have the barbecue going. We'll start at 4, but feel free to come earlier if you want to brush up on your ping pong skillz before the real competition shows up. I'm not in any shape to defend my title so it's up for grabs this time! See you on Sunday.


Thom said...

We will all be there Alex. Maybe just do an impromptu to meeting to get it over with.

Parking maybe limited so anyone wants to park at Kahana LZ we can set up a shuttle.

I hope Dorothy is ready to break a record of over 70 monkeys in one barrel.

Let me know if you need anything.

If we are not flying we are partying. Gotta Love Monkeys.

Larry said...

Alex-"I'm in no shape to defend my title"??? Let's get some attitude going here;how about "I can whip any of you pansies with one arm tied to my chest"!
Sorry I won't be there.....take pictures.

Ka'a'awa Larry

Gravity said...

What about having a birthday bbq at kahana? I can bring my grills...