Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diamond Head Dream

Sitting at home today, waiting for my bones to finish their knitting, I knew I was probably missing a good day at Diamond Head. Seemed like a good opportunity to throw together the footage Logan shot the last time I flew out there a month ago.

I remember sneaking in three fun flights and toplandings in a two hour window between Logan's finals and his bass lesson. Poor Tim had a rough day out there after I left. And now I'm at home after a recent rough day of my own, dreaming about when I'll get to soar those sea cliffs again. Thanks to Logan for shooting the footage!


Anonymous said...

Nice video Alex...Don't know if it was the same day as the video, but it was about the same time when I first caught the sight of Maui Doug flying DH as I headed to Waikiki from Kahala, I had to pull over and watch. By the time I left 30 minutes later. I knew I was going to learn to fly. I'm now one of Pete's fledglings. I got 2 things from your story. 1. Shit happens no matter how good you are and according to MD you are at the top of the game. 2. Kiting is not just something I have to practice before I can is something I will never stop practicing for as long as I fly. As in your case that obviously won't guarranty I will never crash, but if and when I do won't be because I lacked in ground skills.

Heal fast Alex.....Mike

Unknown said...

Hey Alex, when your bones have finished knitting...have them knit me a sweater as gets cold in Oregon.

Get well soon.


ginny said...

You should take Logan with you more often, he takes excellent video. From what I see, he is very proud of his father.