Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First & a Smile at Lanikai

There were tales of firsts with every pilot that flew this gem on March 14, 2011 but the best was saved for last.

Ike made the call for Lanikai, no firsts for him of course, I guess he is lucky for once no Reaper Beer Tax. He flew Bob's Sigma which might have been a first for that special wing.

Roger, aka Ramjet, launched for his first Lanikai flight and got another first on landing but that will be the suspense of this tale.

Mad Dog was contributing his usual banter from the air as we were hiking up. "It's perfect up here", as he headed toward the Mokalua's.

TJ, aka BLT, launched his first flight here, flew for a bit and was plagued by "bikini suck". He had to land due to the severe distractions on the beach.

Seattle Mat, who may be moving back to his home soil here, got his first flight at Lanikai along with NJAlex.

My first flight out of the East Bowl, NJAlex actually said "Wow,this is the best launch I have seen here". I had to agree, but it still could use some sprucing up.

Yuichi, scored his first Lanikai with a tandem from the Reaper.

Gary was the last to launch and land for his first at Lanikai.

Oh, super rare siting, there was a Q-Bird that flew his first at Lanikai on his newly acquired Sport4. Great to have this bird off the endangered list with appearances in the air 2 days in a row. I had my first flight with Q, a tandem out of Cactus, so I have him to partially blame for this disease.....Thanks!!!

Ok, we were a little slack on our flight orientation with poor Roger. Ike & Mad Dog forgot to tell him about the only place NOT to LAND on the beach. Roger landed and was kiting his wing only to drop it right on the head of Miss Gene, the lady that lives and beaches right next to our LZ. We have all been super, most of the time, about not landing in front of her place. Rodger got a few lashings and it was our fault for not giving him a full brief.

I am not sure what happened but after the Reaper landed he went to talk to Miss Gene......oh crap, was the thought of most of us, what is Reaper doing. After watching the conversation go on from afar more pilots started to meander to her section of the beach. I spied a smile come across her face as I ordered a group picture, I ran over told the guys we need a group picture, now move it. Miss Gene was still standing there and I turned back and said "You, Too !!!, We need you in the picture".

Miss Gene was very happy to be in the picture engulfed by smelly pilots, spouses, roommates, kids and of course Kui.

It was absolutely the greatest to see that smile on Miss Gene's face. I hope I get to see it again and again. Welcome Miss Gene to the Family of HPA, the Oahu Flying Monkeys.

Smile, Its Time To Fly Get Your Gear and Go !!!!


Thom said...

In Order:

Back Row left to Right:
Don Ikenberry Sr. Ike's Dad
Yuichi, Pete's Student from Japan
Pete Michelmore, The Reaper
Hillary, Pete's house mate
Roger, Ramjet, Big Island Monkey
Yolie, Ike's Wife
Ike, Big Island Don or Oahu Don whoever is trying to pawn him off
Next Row:
Kiana, Skymai's buddy from birth
Maie, Skymai
Kalei, SkySurfer
Donna, PG wife
GENE, Our Lanikai LZ Lady
Janeane, La Peste, Mad Dog's better half
Front Row:
Seattle Mat
Thom, Sidehill
Chris "Doug" Pliska, Mad Dog.

Unknown said...

Thom...Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed reading your tale of a fun flying day. Just after I talked to you while you were hiking up I was headed that way with wing and cooler when my car suddenly shut down and left me stranded on the side of the road. Bummed that I missed all the fun. Loved the picture!!!


sandy said...

Wow, is this really the same lady with the precious nau paka? I've received a lashing from her myself! I'd love to know what Pete said to turn her around -- must have been some serious silvery-tongued wizardry!

Maybe we could keep her smiling with a timely gift of good mangoes or something she might like. (Sorry, I know that's easy for me to say since I'm not there to help.)

Thom said...

Sandy you will be soon right.....this summer.....June, July, Aug ore earlier.