Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ike Sneaks Across The Bay

These darn visiting pilots keep sneaking over here, pulling out wings that we hardly see them use, and then crossing the bay. As you know, Ike is not one for whipping up a written story, but if he ever gets your ear, you'll hear about it.

I have to admit, at least this time he didn't call me to rub it in -- I actually called him as he was hiking up Kahana North launch. Yup, I had to work again. So much for me being a non-jobber.

Big Island Ike apparently went into his arsenal of gliders and pulled out his medium Mustang. When he told me that, I knew it must have been on the stronger side, cause he is more than slightly over in that wing.

He gets a kick out of going covert and having everyone try to guess who is flying the Black & Blue Mustang.

Anyway, according to Ike, he was not that high, and after a failed first attempt he was able to get a little cloud suck and soar over across the bay. He was sandwiched in between the high cloud suck and a lower wispy layer of warm almost sauna-like clouds. He said he could really feel the warm air coming up across his legs.

When he got across, he grabbed some lift off the Crouching Lion Ridge and headed for Kualoa. He had already radioed down stating his intention to land there, so his dad could pick him up and they could rush home for a Lakers Game. He had hopes that others were going to make it, but to no avail. He just got lucky. How many times have we all heard that from him.

Now, he was in a rush after he landed next to Kevin, who was kiting at Kualoa Park, but boy did he have time to call me, just to let me know that the flying was just, okay. I could see him gloating right through the phone. At least I did not have it as bad as Alex, who actually had to sit in his beach chair at the Kahana LZ and watch it all go down, or across, that is.

Ike scored his first crossing on the littler Mustang, and I have yet to cash in on the Bay Crossing Pass that was supposed to come with my new Synergy 4. Maybe this weekend. Not sure who all flew up there with Ike today, so chime in on the comment section with the list, so we can keep a log of who, when, and where.

I got the whole weekend off and just might do the sneaky camp there Saturday Night.

I hope it Will Be Time to Fly, Got my Gear and I will be Going.


Alex said...

Thom, Don made it across the bay before I got out there -- wish I'd been there to see it. By the time I got out there, Duck was kiting the Addict2 on the beach, while Frosty and Louise and K Larry were in the air. They were soon followed by Gary, Duck, Jeff, Jim, Kevin, Bill, Bonnie, and Dustin. Pete and Yuichi practiced kiting on the beach, while Jen, Mazzy and Kui hung out with the gimp. Thanks to Gary and Jeff for the tasty refreshments!

Duck said...

Hey Thom,
Thanks for the morning coffee read! I saw it post up yesterday and held off reading it until this morning.

Congrats Ike! Sounds like a great flight and I love the way you told the story vicariously through Tom!

Hopefully I'll get to fly with you two soon. This weekend?