Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hawaii Trip

Brad visited Hawaii and managed a sick downrange thermal XC from Makapuu out over the flats and up to cloudbase, topping out at around 3,400 I think, (on my wing), and almost made it to Kaneohe. Frank flew the ridge and made Kaneohe. This was in addition to our regular nice hours-long flights at Kahana. It was another nice trip.

Helped one of Reaper's students off of launch for his second high flight (actually the check-off flight for his P2), which ended up being over two hours!!!!! Sure not like our first flights in Phoenix!


(Oops, sorry gang, thought this was going on the new blog I created for my web site. Anyway, can't see how to delete, so I'll say Aloha and see you all in June or Dec. Get home safe Joey!!)


Alex said...

Thanks for the post, Chandler! I can't believe you weren't planning to post a story like that on Wind Lines. I guess we're just lucky you made that mistake!

Nice picture - my house is visible in the lower right hand corner.

Thom said...

Thanks Chandler,

Come back soon so I can get some stories to read.

Take care of Ginny for us.

MauiDoug said...

Great to see you Chandler and Brad! AZ Brad sure made your Mentor 2 look so tiny that day. What a great flight Brad! Hope to see you both back real soon!
Much Aloha :-)