Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Notice: Lost Baby

Last seen February 15, 2010, at Makapuu. Large red white and blue Airwave Magic 4 with acro harness. Hopefully picked up by a helpful but forgetful fellow pilot, and now languishing unnoticed in a closet or garage somewhere. All you guys with piles of gear (you know who you are), please check to see if you might have accidentally been holding onto Q's baby all this time. No questions asked.


Anonymous said...

sure hope your baby comes home,the one that was stolen from my car[was Ray's] has never been seen again

Thom said...

I thought Liz put his gear in deep storage!!!!

Not in my pile I just cleared garage. Hope the gear turns up Hope to see Q up soon regardless.

Gravity said...

I wish I had it in my arsenal, I would have flown it rather than buying a new UP. Dang it!

firedave2 said...

Q has got to put a leash on that thing or get a caddie. Guess he has to fly the Gangster.