Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dog Catcher

I am working hard on my rehab program. After hiking up with a pack on my back to film Thom's solo flight with the sun dog at Kahana on Tuesday, and then hiking down to catch his landing, I hiked back up (without a pack) to film Ray and Mad Dog. By that time the cirrus clouds had mostly stopped their light show, but the air was still very thermic and punchy, and Ray and Mad Dog enjoyed some Kahanakuli action. See video below.

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I am also working on repaying a lifetime of retrieval karma. So after hiking down again, I urged the guys to fly somewhere so I could chase them down and bring them home. Ray landed at the LZ to help student Tom with his kiting, but Mad Dog gladly accepted my offer and blazed over the back. I tracked him down as he thermaled his way downrange, finally catching him at Hukilau Beach in Malaekahana.

I guess this will be among the last of my ground based launch and retrieve videos, since I expect to get the green light for flying from my orthopedist next week. It's been fun documenting flights from the ground, but I'm looking forward to documenting a few from the air very soon.

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Duck said...

Thanks for the story Alex! Great video! I especially like the running narrative. Soon the Dog will have to catch you...hehehe.