Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sun Dog Millionaire

I followed Thom to launch yesterday, to watch him while he enjoyed a long solo thermaling flight at Kahana. While he was up there the sun was putting on quite a show in the ice crystals of the high cirrus layer, with a perfect halo around the sun and also a sun dog (parhelion). It was better than a double rainbow, I swear. Click the photo to the right to see the slideshow, and click the "read more" link to see the video.

Click here to watch in HD on Youtube

Later on, Ray and Mad Dog flew, and I chased Mad Dog down to Hukilau Beach in Malaekahana. If I get some time, I might make a separate video of that part of the day. Thanks to Mad Dog for the refreshments!


Thom said...

Millionaire.....that was me up there not Ike or Q!!!!

Thanks for the quip, it was great having the AirBoss on launch. Hadn't hooked up my speed bar and he caught it so I owe him a beer.

First time ever launching, flying and landing Solo, but did have Alex right there. Thanks for the wing fluff too. It was a 'lumpy' ride. Wow thermals 3 days in a row my butt is getting sore.

Great pic cant wait to see all the others.

Brazilian Ray said...

I flew kahana after Thom landed, but with a twist: I flew his wing, the SYN 4! I launched from high and it was a breeze... so easy to kite! the wing kisses the thermals and let's you know it is time to turn!
it stays solid above your head even in bumpy air as it climbs effortlessly. the air yesterday was "interesting" but fun! I was looking at Mad Dog sky out as I was taking my time, getting used to the new wing and not pushing it.... at 1600 I felt it was a little bumpy but not thermic and decided not to push anymore, it was pushing me so easterly, almost offshore I did not like that unusual drift. I follow that little convergence over the water and found also some strong E winds and rotor like ups and downs all the way to the beach at kahana. the gentle breeze at the LZ was also showing some cat paws now!
I can't wait to get my new wing in a couple of weeks (SOLS's new Torck 2)... and maybe who knows my next wing won't be a Synergy 5??

have fun and aloha!
Brazilian Ray

ginny said...

Saw the same sky show in Arizona (minus the paragliding Thom). What are the chances of that?

Thom said...

Alex did this on his I-Phone. Someone talked me into getting a Galaxy phone.......not mentioning any names but he's flying in Alabama presently.

This vid will be my favorite for a long time, Thanks Alex owe you a beer and then some for this one.