Thursday, May 05, 2011

Hawaii: Undiscovered

In case anyone hasn't already seen this: In late January, Ray asked Doug and me to help him out with a tandem film shoot project, an episode of a web-based spinoff of the TV series, Hawaii Five-0, called Hawaii: Undiscovered.

The episode was just posted this past week, and it came out short but sweet. It's amazing how they can boil down an hour of flying into less than a minute for the final cut. I need to learn that kind of editing discipline!

Ray had been contacted by Marilyn, a film location scout and an old friend of Bob's. Doug flew with the webisode host, Jim Brasher, while I flew with the cameraman, Szolt, and Ray flew with the line producer, Blake. Thom helped out on launch and on the LZ. Harvey flew with us as well. The wind was strong but we all made it off of high launch with aplomb. Thanks to Ray and everyone who made this possible - it seemed like a great chance to be part of a very positive portayal of our passion.

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Thom said...

Just watched it again, I forgot the host had borrowed by windbreaker......I hope it was freshly cleaned cause that jacket smells.

It was good fun, FYI tandem guys Marilyn will be at Bob's Party and was hoping for a spin around the bay.