Friday, May 06, 2011

Rat Race 2011: Update

It looks like the registration for the competition is almost full, with 126 pilots listed as signed up and paid. Wow! This might be their biggest year ever, with two simultaneous races: the Rat Race, a full championship level format for the pros like Nick, and the Rat Race Sprint, a new beginner format for the newbies like myself.

I think this will be our biggest turnout from Hawaii in years, too: we have six Hawaii pilots signed up to race (Nick, JK, Maui Marty, Maui Rick, Maui Mark, and me), and a bunch of pilots who are considering coming along to help out, sky out, or just hang out (Pete, Travis, Bonnie, Andrew, Kaaawa Larry, Thom, Carlos, Gary, Duck, Scrappy, Mad Dog, JD, and LeeAnn). And the coolest part for me: this year I've finally convinced Dorothy and the kids to come along!

I just wanted to put up this post so we can discuss our Rat Race plans for this year. My plans so far: I'm flying into San Francisco with Logan, where he'll attend a bass festival, and then after Dorothy and Amelia join us, we're driving up to Oregon in time for the practice day. After the race we're all flying to DC to see my parents for a couple weeks. I haven't booked the tickets yet, but I'm working on that today.

Post your plans and/or questions in the comments below, and let's start getting excited. Man oh man, am I looking forward to this!


MauiMark said...

I'm signed up as well - will post plans as soon as confirmed probably fly to Medford rent a car and camp - carpoolers welcome!

Doug said...

Going to a great event like the rat race is the best way to improve your flying! For the price you get 5-7 days of flying tip to tip with the best pilots in the nation.

Alex if you and the fam would like to come and visit drop me a line.

Gang if you want to hit the big air of the eastern desert my house is located 1 hour from Baldy and 3 from Chelan.

Hope to get out to see you guys this year.


Alex said...

Mark, sorry I missed your name on the list - super stoked to see you'll be there too! I added you to the roster in my post above.

Doug - I'm still hoping the Rat Race will improve my flying. Maybe the sixth time will be the charm! It would be awesome to visit you up there, but I think we're already stretching our crazy summer trip pretty tight. Thanks for the offer, though! I still dream of seeing you at the Rat Race one day! A lot of pilots would benefit from your mentoring!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex way to build the stoke, we are going to have a blast, I hope my new wing is made by then went on back order last week but still have the addict2.
Part two is the input from (Doug:"Gang if you want to hit the big air of the eastern desert my house is located 1 hour from Baldy and 3 from Chelan.")
I would be stoked to hook with pilot DOUG, since I will be hanging in his back yard all summer!

Ka'a'awa Larry said...

I'm trying to make a hole in my calendar to get there. Not to compete, just to volunteer and pick up as many pointers as I can. I think if I flew they'd have to have a special category for old pilots flying antique wings!!
I'll fly into Medford and rent a car. Dates are still a little fuzzy but will post as time gets closer.

flash said...
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flash said...

I'm stoked to be going to Oregon again this year! I just booked my flights; I'll be heading to Austria for a couple of weeks before meeting Reaper in Portland on June 17th. @Larry: I guess we could start an antique wing class together -- I'm pretty sure my '99 would qualify ;-)

Alex said...

Right on, Andrew! I added your name to the official roster above. And I'll add Larry's too. Andrew, Larry's wing isn't half as old as yours! You win the prize for antique gear. I'm really excited to have so many Hawaii pilots planning to come this year!

Paul said...


Wow, thats quite a showing of Monkeies, how many will be camping? I have tents and bed rolls for some left over from past years.

Thom said...

Kalei and I are planning on being there around the 19th, we will be camping.

Will need Google links to Campsite and the camping gear store.

Thom said...

Kalei & I are in Rat Race June 21,

need place to stay.


Gravity said...

Hey folks,
here's a great link to all the driving directions, camping areas, hotels, HQ directions on the Rat Race home pages -

if you have any questions, this will be my ? 8th year now or maybe 7. Either way I never miss it.

See you there. I will be there on the afternoon of the 17th.

Campers, let me know how many and I'll reserve some spots for you and camping gear if needed?

Reaper aka Hawaii Pete

Ka'a'awa Larry said...


I'd appreciate a tent and maybe a sleeping bag if you can. It's going to be my last stop on a long journey so bringing a lot of stuff isn't possible. Whatever you can't get, I'll buy locally and donate it to the cause for next year.


Brazilian Ray said...

hey Larry and Reaper,
I don't know if "Motorhead" Paul is going this year, but I have donated a bunch of things in the past.... in Medford there is a costco and a walmart plus a few other sport shops.... make sure to buy some hand warmers and use it in the top of your hand (opposite from your palm), it works great ;)

have fun and be safe!
great tips on this page, including some GPS stuff:

Aloha, Brazilian Ray

JK said...

Laura & I are planning to fly to Medford via SFO on UA passes. So... will start tring to get there on the Wed prior, in case flight loads are an issue. Big 5 is the first stop. Buying camping gear. The hope is to borrow what we need and return what stays packaged.

Here is a little info I gathered from emails, which you may or may not have received:

1) Rat Race Schedule
2) Site Guide
3) Waypoints: from Gail: "The waypoints are currently being updated so you can not depend on the way points from the web site. We will have updated maps for participants when they arrive. Then you will download the official waypoints from the scorekeeper in order to be certain everyone has the same information."
4) Frequencies for Rat Race 2011 (from Gail):
Primary 151.955
Secondary 151.625
Emergency 158.400
Retrieve 151.925
5) Important phone numbers:
Headquarters: 541-899-5972
Mike: 503-704-7004
George: 503-887-4542

Really looking forward to this!
Cheers, JK