Monday, May 09, 2011

Hold On

While we're feeling sorry for ourselves because of the rain, here is a little video I made last weekend before we knew the rain was coming. Those two days were the most wonderful and normal couple of days I've had in months: a perfect balance of family time and great flying with my friends.

During those long months of downtime, feeling the pain and contemplating my frail humanity, I would often watch our old flying videos and dream of days just like these.

I shot this footage while flying on Saturday and Sunday, days six and seven of the nine days in a row I chased it after being cleared for duty again. After a long hard fast, I feasted like a king on eight fun days of flying: three days staying local and playing around, one day of soaring cloud-soaked Kualoa and landing at Pounders, one day flying to BYU for the first time, and three days flying past Laie to Hukilau Beach Park, my new favorite landing spot. Thanks again to Tom, Brad and Allan for the retrieves!

Duck also shot a very nice helmet camera video on Sunday, much better than the one I cobbled together from my handheld phone. It complements the one I made, showing Duck's view of me and Bill at cloudbase along the route, and then showing Bill's landing at BYU, the one I was trying to film while hovering over Hukilau! The funniest part to me is that his soundtrack choice is the polar opposite of mine: Journey and R.E.M. have probably never been juxtaposed quite like that before.

Click here for the full-screen version of this video!


RT said...

great video Alex!

Duck said...

I personally don't think that Journey is as juxtaposed as say Eminem with respect to R.E.M., but I do get your point! heehee

That Sport 4 sure looks sweet with all the puffy clouds behind it! Great vid and more importantly great flight with you and Bill--I think this was the first flight I had a chance to fly with you since the Return of the King. It was indeed a good day.

Now, if only I could make Hukilau the new Pounders as you seem to have done...

Great flying with you man! Spicy on the landing...