Friday, May 13, 2011

2nd Annual Bob Johnson Birthday Party and Flying Festival, May 13-15, 2011

Please join us for the second annual aerial celebration of the life of our friend Bob Johnson. We will be filling three campsites at Kahana (7,8 and 9), and flying and celebrating for three days. We will hold our quarterly club meeting in the morning on Saturday at 10 am. The main events will be held on Saturday, including the flower drop. Please bring as many appropriate flowers (like Plumerias) as you can round up.

To give folks an idea of what we're hoping for, here is the report we filed after last year's event.


Thom said...

Bob Johnson's name will remain on the Festival of a day Title but there should be a ringing of names of Pilots and friends that have past.

Jimmy Hall and Johan for 2 and I am sure there are many more who's Birthdays we can celebrate on this day. Because without these birthdays we just would have never known them at all.

Ok now lets get out there and have some fun.

Gravity said...

Oh and we're gonna have some fun.
here's that list of activities again Thom:
Flour bomb drop (sandwich bags, flour, streamer tape, marker pen)

Giant spot landing target (I have)

Kiddie Pool with bucket of dry sand in the middle

Ring catch on fiberglass pole to add some spice to the spot landing.

helium balloon catch?

What do you think?

Thom said...

Pete let's get this together this week coming.

Alex brought up good point that we may not be the only people on beach and dropping flour on beach goers may not be good so dropping them on launch area might be better.

Brazilian Ray said...

The bomb drop is great for the spectators too, so if the beach is crowded, we could use the kiddie pool as target way out in the ocean.
Great ideas, Reaper! I think the ballon will be hard if there is wind... Also, Thom has a special landing target that is very appropriate for the day (surprise) ;)
we could organize a little race, lets say 3 laps around a triangle course.... prizes for the farthest flight, longest flight and such... if you have any ideas/suggestions please share with us/Reapper.

we should also mention that we will have a flower / lei drop and everybody is welcome and encouraged to bring flowers. we will try to fly friends and family tandems and we will have grills going hot so anybody can bring something to cook there!
please bring your surfboards, SUPs, kayaks and jet skis to keep kids (of all ages) occupied.

it is going to be a great fun event where everybody can participate! let's invite the hangies and pilots from other islands or mainland, and yes, let's remember all of our friends that loved the sport of flying and now are in higher altitudes!

See you there, Aloha!

Brazilian Ray

Sharky said...

Just a thought, setting up a couple of volleyball courts in the LZ might be good so we can play volleyball (we can keep nets down till after everyone has landed then play!) :)

Anyone got one of those easy to setup beach VB court rigs?

=-) Sharky

Unknown said...

Wow, I am so impressed. Get it on guys!


sandy said...

I'd like to suggest tissue paper for the bomb drop containers. Hopefully a little more biodegradable than plastic bags for the ones that get away. (I can mail you some if you need it.)

And just a thought: how about small dog treats/food in the paper? That way our furry friends might help clean up the beach/launch area. Calling all dogs to the Festival!! (Bob would like that.)

I'd love to be there, but I am busily getting our house ready to market so I can come home for good. I'll be with you in spirit.

Joy, buoyant flights, and happy memories to the HPA!

Anonymous said...

Denine, Dave and I will be long as there are stand-by seats on United that is....we may have to island hop on an inter island to do it....We are committed to join you and help celebrate in such a way as to make Mr. J oh so proud!!!