Monday, May 16, 2011

Thanks, Bob!

What a spectacular weekend that was. Despite the dire forecasts of southeast wind, somehow Kahana was favored with a mostly north of easterly sea breeze flow for three days in a row. Maybe it was Ginny's voodoo weather powers. Or maybe it was the influence of Bob himself, spotted on each day flying with us in his feathered form.

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out for the 2nd annual celebration of Bob's birthday. This might have been our biggest flying party ever. Over fifty pilots came out this weekend, and we were joined by at least twenty five family members and friends, as well as a handful of canine counterparts. Ray counted eighteen tents on Sunday morning, and he counted twenty wings in the air at once on Saturday. We flew cross country every day, landing everywhere from Punaluu to Malaekahana. On Saturday, our biggest day, the flying spanned eleven hours.

For me, the highlight of the weekend was flying tandem with Amelia for the first time on Saturday. I've been waiting years for her to decide she was ready. We gathered plumeria blossoms in the morning and then hiked up and launched to join the armada that was assembling for the flower drop. She was a perfect passenger, enthusiastic and engaged during our entire long flight, and she is excited to go up with me again. I wish Bob could have been around to see that!

Thanks to Thom and Ray for organizing the event. And welcome home, Ginny! If anyone has stories, pictures or videos to share, please post a comment or even a separate article.

We were sure lucky to know you, Bob. We miss you!

Click here for full-screen version of this video!

Thom's pictures:

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Ka'a'awa Larry said...

It was me, it was me. I sacrificed so you could fly!

Historically I bring lousy weather with me so I intentionally stayed away thereby insuring a terrific flying week-end for all of you.

Really, I'm happy that the celebration was such a success. Can't wait to get back there and see ya'll.

Thom said...

Thanks to everyone that came. Kahana was flyable Friday-Sunday thanks to Ginny and Bob.

My most memorable sight was Ike flying above me and informed me that Bob was checking out his wing. Ike bought Bob's Sigma5. When I looked up Bob was soaring in front of Ike and Ike was leaned out of his harness with arms spread wide. Awesome formation wish I had a good camera.

Thanks to Fireman and B-Ray for taking Maile, Kalei and even Donna for tandem flights. Donna had her first long soaring flight with Dave and she loved it. Now I think she appreciates or at least understands my disease. Oh, when she landed she asked for a beer, hmmmm.

Ginny, welcome home, your real home.

Aloha to All, oh, Bob I did drink a Bud, Ray made me.

Brazilian Ray said...

Did you save the can to prove it??

Thom said...

Actually, no, I didn't. I let it get recycled as Bob WOULD HAVE WANTED IT!!!

He knows I drank it, I certainly bitched enough about it.

Sharky said...

What an awesome weekend of fun a flying!

I've got a few pix and a video up on Flickr here:

Thanks everyone for all the fun!

Can't wait to do it again when Joey's back! :)

=-) Sharky

Chris said...

Denine, Dave and I had such a great weekend....The friends, the family, the flights, the food, the Budweiser?
All pale in comparison to meeting the sweetest most beautiful girl on the island...Liliana....too bad Rai checked my carry on before we left....Thank you all so much for letting us be a part of the celebration and making us feel so welcome.

Anonymous said...

Nice vid Alex glad you all are getting nice flights, miss the hell out it there-tonnes! I am stuck under this Mississippi River haze of hell all the way to the east coast; even the buzzards are flapping,uhrggg! looking forward to the Rat Race Rallying hope I can keep up after this hiatus. PEACE!

David said...

Thanks again to everyone for a great time and some great flying. I wish we had a club as tight as you guys back on Cape Cod... Looking forward to flying with you guys again next month!