Thursday, August 11, 2011

Low in the Rhino Bowl

Eleven pilots came out to Kahana today with high hopes for perfect conditions, but the wind was a bit spicier than we expected. Most of us flew anyway and had a great time staying local and low, exploring the lower limits of altitude below the Rhino Horn. We enjoyed the opportunity to work on our high wind launches, wingovers, ding dongs, touch and goes, toplandings, spirals, SATs, asymmetrics, and high wind landings. 

Roll call: Thom, Woody, Duck, me, Harvey, Jim, Jeff, Maui Doug, Five-0 Mike, Sharky, and Ginny. 

Jeff brought the family and the barbecue, Duck brought his SUP board, and it turned into a party at the LZ. Thanks to Jeff for the short ribs and lobster ceviche, to Woody for the beverages, and to Mike and Ces for the sausages and chips.

I didn't take any pictures but hopefully someone did - if so, please let me know and I'll include them here.

Sounds like Maui Doug and Jim may have blazed downrange after I left - feel free to fill in the gaps of my little summary in the comments!

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Waianae Jim said...

Guess I was kind of spaced out when I wrote my story this morning, or I could have just appended your story. Even though I was jealous of the early fliers, and wanted to be up with all of you, showing up late ended up working out for me. I also really like to get as many launches as I can off north side, and feel great about going off there yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures either, seems I almost never take any theses days. Hope to see you out there in the air over the upcoming weekend.