Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All Over the Map

Ten pilots flew on Monday at Kahana, including non-jobbers, visitors, and late shifters. The conditions throughout the day were quite variable, ranging from east to north, from light to strong, from clear skies to pea soup.

Frosty flew when the sensor was showing 67 at 10, and the sparse clouds had bases of around 2,500 feet. He climbed to 2,800 feet over Puu Piei, peeked over the back of the Koolaus into Pearl Harbor, then flew to Pounders. I picked him up there and then headed over to Kahana, where the sky had now filled in solid grey with rain in the valley.

Ray and I launched, in stronger east wind, and we stayed in the air as a low cloud bank filled in, and then the wind backed 40 degrees to the north. Ray landed to go to work, but I took the bait and crossed the bay, landing at Kualoa where the skies were blue and the grass was green.

Roll call: Frosty, me, Ray, SD Robin, Harvey, Thom, Vancouver Scott, Jim, Doug, Bonnie. Thanks to Duck for the retrieve and the cajun spiced halibut. Thanks to Jim for the grape juice. Thanks to Thom for buying the cold refreshments.


Thom said...

Having trouble getting into Google account to leave comments.

Thom said...

Ok now I fixed it,
It was weird air that day but you seem to manage to cross in every type of wind going these days.

Hopefully I can get the same bus pass because there are going to be days to go further and getting across is the first step.

Thanks for the log entry and the pics.
I got 2 to read today cause I have been too busy.