Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Love Windy Days!

As you know, I don't love windy days, but in a certain way, I do. Yesterday, conditions didn't look great at all, but I felt like flying. I was at the door, ready to head to Kahana, when suddenly the sky started to fall down in its liquid form. I closed the door and ran to check the sensor, and even though I'm not a master of the art of sensor reading, it was easy to see that it was going to be a wet and windy day. I walked around the house trying to find something to substitute for my need to get some lift, but as you guys know, there is nothing that replaces it. After 30 minutes wandering around the house, I found something that for a second took me to 3,000 feet above the Koolaus, for a cloud surfing session, and to many winged adventures in this place that we call home.

I spent the rest of my day cruising through my images, back and forth. It was hard to make a selection, but after hours of riding memories from the last year, I put this small collection together for you to enjoy. I'm sorry if I don't keep you updated more often with my photos, but well, honestly, it is good to have a pile of 1,000 photos to see when the sensor looks like it did yesterday. 

If you like how these shots look on your monitor, you have to see them printed on a big canvas (or any other paper). I love the simplicity of having all the photos on the computer, but there is nothing like having a big canvas of your passion hanging on the wall. That is why I've been shooting lately with this big four pound camera; it is not the easiest to use while flying, but well, that is what it takes to get the best quality. 

If you have a lonely wall that you'd like to pimp with a flying canvas, just let me know, and we'll get the shot you are looking for. 

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did yesterday:




Alex said...

Awesome story and pictures, Jorge! I checked the website on my way home from flying Kahana today and I almost crashed when I saw the headline picture of your story. What?! Jorge flew downrange with Mad Dog from Makapuu today? How could I have missed it?? Then I read the article (after I got home, not in the car!) and realized you had finally published all the photos you've been saving up. Thanks for doing that! I have a lot of lonely walls in my house, and I would love to have one of your shots printed up - It'll be hard to decide which one!

Jorge said...

Thanks Alex for taking the time to check the photos. I'll be in touch for the next week to see if we can score some new shots on your kingdom and make harder to decide which one to print!

Thom said...

I can see why Alex like these photos, he is in alot of them.

Great shots Jorge and thanks for the read. Hopefully others will follow your lead. I know I always try.

allanc said...

Amazing photos Jorge. It would be great to take a look at the full quality photos and really check out some of the terrain that we fly over. There is so much going on there.

JK said...

Beautiful, Jorge!

Duck said...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful images. Looks like we need more sucky days so you can go through your library of shots!

Between you, Bill, Andrew, and Alex we have some worldclass photographs.

I'd like to get with you all and put together some video!

Brazilian Ray said...

Lets open a gallery!