Sunday, September 18, 2011

Distilling the Results of Thermal Research

As part of our ongoing research into atmospheric phenomena and fluid dynamics, a team of our top scientists participated in an empirical study at our Kahana facility yesterday, led by Dr. Woodrow, Dr. Sidehill and Dr. Rex.

After lengthy observation and a carefully controlled long distance experiment, in concert with colleagues at our Laie Littoral Laboratory, we observed that the airflow displayed an unusual vector and velocity, punctuated by poorly organized but usable intervals of convective buoyancy. Meeting in the evening at our Pokiwai Labs to analyze our observations, researchers postulated two complementary theories to describe the unusual confluence of aerological factors. The first possibility is the effect of Orographic Buoyancy Augmentation Nodes (OBAN). The second factor can be described as an Outflow Boundary Atmospheric Nexus (also OBAN). Thanks to Dr. Bylaardt for his special contribution to our understanding of these theories. Our preliminary conclusions certainly warrant further study, and we will be returning to the field today to gather more data.


Thom said...

I concur with your finding Doctor, the OBAN factor may result in non-conclusive theories but boy are they worth exploring.

Thanks to Dorothy, Woody, Nancy, Duck and Donna for the vitals.

I am not sure thanks to Dr. Bylarrdt is warranted at this time since much other medication had to be consumed to continue on the next day.

Brazilian Ray said...

The oban can take you to unexpected heights! Be careful with its use! More research is necessary, so lets do it!