Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 Year-end Meeting

Again we made up another excuse for us all to gather, eat meat, and partake in our favorite beverages. First, thanks to Patti and Dave for opening their home to our group of misfits. Thanks to Ginny for providing the great Jetflap birthday masks. I am sure there will be a few extra Jetflaps running around for a while -- it will be like he never left.

The meeting had no real hot topics, but here are the highlights:
  • Reviewing site procedures and rules.
  • Kahana celebrates 10th year as an officially permitted site.
  • Congratulations to 2011 USHPA Instructor of the Year Pete ‘Reaper’ Michelmore.
  • Welcome back to Ginny Coe, Ken and Karen Berry, and June ‘Sandy’ Akers, soon to be followed by husband John Russell.
  • Congratulations to 3 of our published USHPA photographers: Jorge Atramiz, Andrew ‘Flash’ Zoechbauer, and Bill ‘FlyStrong’ Hockensmith. They each have at least one shot in the USHPA 2012 calendar.
  • Welcome to new pilots that were present: John McGuire and Allegra Coleman.
  • Board Elections: Alex Colby, Dave Taratko, John Mallard, Thom Therrien, Raimar Bylaardt. Quentin Kawananakoa has resigned his post, but will still be a viable member of our family, and we look forward to him flying with us soon.
  • We have added an award ceremony at the end of the year that I believe will stick. The above picture of the awards may change from year to year, but the format will most likely be a winner, with all the winos we have in this club. The wine bottle award idea started by ‘One-Eye Jim’ has been expanded. Implementation and categories by Fireman Dave. Label art and design by the Prez.
HPA 2011 Awards

'Iwa (Great Frigatebird)
​​​Longest flight ​​
Tie between Alex Colby and Jorge Atramiz

Golden Retriever
Retrieves ​​​
John ‘Duck’ Mallard

Chirping on website/radio​
Thom ‘SideHill’ Therrien

Bird Of Paradise​​​
Gear collector​​​
‘Maui’ Doug Hannam

Kolea (Pacific Golden Plover)
​​​Frequently returning visitor​​/expatriate
Jeff ‘Jetflap’ Forrest

Malolo ​​​​(Flying Fish)
Water Landings​​
Bonnie ‘BonBon’ Hobson

Longest hang glider flight
Leo Buchanan

Frequent speed flyer​​
Richard 'Dop' Doppelmeyer

Tree landings​​
Jonathan ‘JK’ Smith

Sand Crab​​​
Beach landing fines ​
‘Fireman’ Dave Taratko

Frequent Flyer​​​
(Alex​​​ is ineligible)
Frank ‘AWOL/Ghost’ Highsmith

Love Bird​​​
Spouse Support (wingman)​
Cec Fujioka ('Five-0' Mike’s wife)

During the next year, if you come up with an idea for an award title, make a note and email it to Dave or Thom for consideration.

We took in 27 application/waivers, 23 of which were submitted with dues paid. If you have not filled out a waiver, please do so, so we can update the directory. This means all you new students that plan on becoming pilots. Even YOU, Mad Dog!

Attendance at year end meeting: Alex Colby, Dave Taratko, Thom Therrien, Ray Bylaardt, Joey Saikin, Bill Hockensmith, Travis Kean, Eric Schrottke, Allan Carmichael, Ken Berry, Brad Chapman, Kevin Fowler, Frank Highsmith, Jeff McCloud, Jonathan Smith, Doug Hannam, Claude Phillips, Stephen Phillips, Mike Fujioka, June Akers, Thomas Prindle, Jorge Atramiz, Nikki Johnson, Bonita Hobson, Harvey Lillard, John McGuire, Allegra Coleman, Ginny Coe, Dave Goto, Leo Buchanan. Many family members as well. If you were there but your name is not on the above list, please chirp on the comment section and it will be added for our online record.

Again, we want to thank Patti and Dave for putting us up, and for putting up with us.

2011 was a great year!!!!! 2012 with five USHPA calendar slots filled with Hawaii pilots is another great start.

It’s Time to Fly, Get Your Gear and Go !!!!!!!


Thom said...

I hate to chirp first, cause I was really going to try to change my amount of chatter this year.....NOT.

Thanks Alex for the edits, I always enjoy my writes after you have tweaked them.

Anonymous said...

Seems like I was there too!...albeit fashionably late.

Waianae Jim said...

Not me I sent my body double.

Anonymous said...

Skyhill...I will pay my dues and sign a waiver next time I see you. Brent

Thom said...


There were alot of you that were not present at the meeting, due to work, being off Island or had something better to do????

Believe me I will be 'Chirping at You' for the rest of the year.

Ka'a'awaLarry said...

OK get my"FM" line for the Synergy and I'll swap out my dues and release at the same time. See you next week!

Kevin said...

I second the thanks to Patti and Dave for letting us swarm your house. I ate too much good food and I had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Before I forget there are a few other awards that weren't given out, but I want to note;

Golden Eagle ( ballsiest flight)
Patrick Berod: extremely windy xc from Makapuu to Kualoa
Notable. Maui Doug mpu to MDKS
Matt Combs recent Kalalau xc

Tropicbird ( best acro)
Nova Dasala: infinite master

Blue Footed Booby ( best female pilot)
Bonnie or Laurel


Thom said...

Ok, it appears that the HPA should start a winery. More awards next year I guess.