Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The World I Know

It must be winter. It's been almost two weeks since I flew at Kahana, my backyard flying site. Many past winters have deprived us of Kahana's gifts for weeks running into months, and this winter may be one of those, as they're forecasting another La Nina season. So let us not take the easy flying days for granted. Even a day as overcast and gloomy as today, with low clouds soaking the ridges, and starting off with too much east in the flow, offered us the chance to enjoy a sweet little cross country trip to Pounders with our newest favorite visiting instructor, Denise Reed.

Harvey and Jim also flew, but they opted to stay local. New student Allegra showed up and worked on her ground handling at the LZ. It was great to see everyone out there.

Mad Dog and I were high enough at Pounders to hop over Laie town and glide to Hukilau! But it was more fun to land with Denise at Pounders. Denise was lowest and called the first landing, after we pointed out our favorite corner to land down there, but then Mad Dog somehow sank out right in front of her and almost cut her off! But thankfully she's a calm and cool instructor type and took it in stride, hovering above him for a few moments while he snuck in first. Thanks to the nice Florida family that watched us land and shuttled us back to Kahana in their minivan! And thanks to Harvey for the refreshments!

I heard from Scrappy that he flew a tandem out of Juice at Makapuu, along with with Maui Doug and Jorge, in really strong and bumpy conditions. I never cease to be amazed by how varied the conditions can be on opposite corners of this small island. It was light enough at Kahana that we had to hike to high launch!

I felt privileged to return to my familiar vantage point above the cloud-soaked ridges in my neighborhood today, and to share the world I know with old friends and new ones. I hope this winter gives us a few more days like this one!


JK said...

VERY nice video, Alex. It's hard to believe you were shooting that and oh yeah, flying yourself! It was very kind of you and Mad Dog to show Denise your front yard on a day she nearly wrote off to go hiking (?). She was grinning ear-to-ear when I saw her later that day. Cheers.

Maui Doug said...

Awesome video Alex! Great camera work, great editing, great song. It makes me want to go fly today :-)

Thom said...

Yup I miss flying too and this kinda didn't help but glad somebody is gettting some.

I am glad to see you two wait for a fellow pilot and land early on the leg to stay in a group. Maybe your changing.......NOT !! Female visitor pilot my guess.

Some things will never change.

I hope.

Keep Flyign Keep Posting Good Therapy!