Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Northern Exposure

First, Sorry about the poor art. You'll all have to put up with my lousy camera work. I don't even think an iPhone would help me. The sensors were crazy this morning so Woody and I tried not to look at them. We were putzing around the house and finally felt a breath of air. Makapuu was looking like the place to go.

The chirping started and soon a few 'Non-Jobbers' were heading to Makapuu. The Tandem duo of Jorge and Maui Doug were already airborne as we hit the pier. Kaaawa Larry was on Juice and the rest were on Manics.

By the time I launched it had started to get stronger but was still very Manic-able as a few others made their way to the sky. Woody posed for a few shots and I clicked off a bunch. I did not realize I had the camera on the wrong setting so I got a whole bunch of funky ones. This was the only shot I could post after doctoring it up as best I could.

Pilots included: Tandems by Maui Doug, Jorge & B-Ray. Solos by Kaaawa Larry, Harvey, John&Sandy, Chile, Sidehill, Woody, Vistors; Garrett & Uli (spelling). 3 Hang gliders also graced the skies.

The story today was, "How north should we fly Makapuu". It was around 2:30 when Ray finally got his tandem going. He laid out at Manics but it was really filling in. After a prod from Jorge and a fly-by of Maui Doug from Crazies, we all decided that Crazies was the right choice.

B-Ray launched in a not so typical fashion. I followed, then Woody and Uli. Soon the right choice was evident … should have just gone home after our good first flights.

It had gotten stronger and even more north. After I launched, I headed right and got more than I needed at the Manics Venturi. Oops, speed bar and headed back left. The tandems of Maui Doug and B-Ray were doing okay and headed for the LZ. Woody and I kept low and out front to avoid possible blow back. With little altitude and barely any penetration, we pretty much knew that the LZ would be out of our reach. Woody landed on the trail before the heiau and I pushed speed bar to land on the trail just after it.

JeffMc had just arrived to see us all scampering to get down. One-eye showed up already knowing it had gone too north but figured he'd come by and say hi any way. Vistor Cherie even showed up knowing she missed it by that much.

All landed safely and good flights were had by all that snuck them in before we got Northern Exposure.

It's Time to Fly Get your Gear and Go!!! … but only Santa Flies in the strong North Winds.


Thom said...

Thanks to Woody for the edits over my shoulder and for patching my damaged back so I can fly again.

If I missed anyone on the roster please chirp in on the comments and i will try to add it in.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the breakdown. I checked sensors a few times while at w*** and saw it got to the low 300s in direction and was like wow, wonder if it is flyable? Being stuck at w*** on flyable days.... shizer! It is a little better to come home and read about good flights missed. Wish I was out there but glad some good, safe flights were had. Hope to see you out there soon.

Alex said...

Thom, thanks for the post! I am super busy with meetings and work here in DC but of course I am still sneaking a few glances at the website. Miss you guys!