Thursday, January 26, 2012

Diamond Head Derelicts

After the last three days of haze and southerly sea breezes, we were due for some decent flying weather. The forecast had called for more hazy sea breezes today, but boy were they wrong. Instead, we got a beautiful clear day with moderate south wind and a whole lot of flying at Diamond Head.

Twenty pilots came out, and a dozen flew, all but one soaring all around the crater and the sea cliffs. Many pilots enjoyed their first flights there, and no one landed in the water or the trees. It was a perfect Diamond Head day, not too strong but easy to bench up. I flew a dozen times, toplanding each time, in three different spots.

Thanks to Mad Dog for sounding the alarm. Thanks to Diane for the food! Thanks to Brent for the sodas!

Roll call: French Yann, Mad Dog, me, BC Lee, Gaza, Thom, Ray, SF Bill, Brent, Chili, Froggy Marc, Dave, BC Lars, Frank, Ken, Reaper, Harvey, Jeff, Jim, and very keen prospective new pilot Ed.

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Thom said...

Thanks for the log.

Kinda hoping for a Big Island Ike story but I guess he killed that in the chatter box with a whole 3 lines.

It was awesome my first time looking into the crater.